18 Akbar Birbal Stories for Kids

Akbar Birbal Stories

hey friends! today is a great day and we have brought a very interesting collection of Akbar and Birbal stories. here are the stories. so let’s start reading them.

akbar birbal stories
akbar birbal stories

1. The Green Horse

Once Akbar was roaming in the garden, sitting on his horse. They looked around the garden, green grass green trees. Then he told Birbal that everything in the garden is green but the horse is not. To walk in the garden, the horse must also be green. Akbar told, that I want a green horse. You bring me a green horse within 10 days. If you can’t get it, don’t show me your face. Birbal Went out to find a green horse.

On the eleventh day, He reached the palace and told Akbar that I had found a green Horse. The Akbar was surprised to hear this. He said take me to that horse quickly. Birbal said, I will get the horse but the owner of the horse has kept two conditions. Akbar asked, What condition Birbal said, the first condition is that to get the horse you have to go to the owner of the horse yourself. Rabbit and Turtle Story

And What is the second condition? Akbar asked. The Birbal told that the owner of the horse has said that this horse is very special, so the day of carrying him will also be special. That is why you can come and take him on the Eighth day of the week. Akbar smiled because he understood that it is very difficult to fool Birbal and in the end, both of them laughed.

Moral:- The wise are called those who use their wisdom correctly.

2. Birbal Advice To The Queen

Once upon a time. Akbar got very angry with his wife. He was so angry that he asked his wife to go to her parent’s house. His wife thought that the Akbar had said this angrily to her and she did not go to her parent’s house. When the Akbar saw that his wife had not yet gone to his parent’s house. Then he said angrily, you are still here, leave the place in the morning and you can also take your precious thing with you.

His wife called Birbal and told him about this. Birbal said I have a plan whatever I am saying You do this. Birbal makes a plan. Akbar’s wife gave him a meal of food in which she added sleeping medicine, and the next day she took him with her to her parents’ house. The next morning when Akbar’s eyes opened, he saw that he was at his wife’s parents’ house.

Seeing this, he asked his wife why did you bring me here with you, then his wife Lovingly told him that you yourself said that if you want, you can take your precious thing with you and my most valuable thing is you. Hearing this, Akbar’s anger subsided and he embraced his wife.

Moral:- The Greatest anger can only be pacified by love.

3. Who Pulled Akbar’s Beard?

One day, Akbar entered the court and as soon as he was seated on the throne, he told the court, ‘Today a boy has pulled my beard. Now tell me what punish should I give him? Hearing this, all the ministers and soldiers were surprised and started wondering who did such mischief?

One soldier said, “We lock him in prison for the whole life.” Another soldier said that we leave him in front of elephants. He will die by crushing under the feet of elephants. One by one, everyone started giving their suggestions to Akbar.

After hearing everyone’s talk, Akbar said to Birbal, What is your suggestion. What punishment should I give him? Birbal said, you feed him sweetly, this is his punishment. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Akbar smiled and said that you are right? He asked, but tell me who will pull my beard?

Birbal smiled and said that who can do such a thing other than a little prince. He must have done it with love. So we should feed him sweetly and Birbal was right.

Moral:- Kids should be explained with love on their mistakes.

4. Who’s The Donkey?

Once upon a time. Akbar went to the river bank with his two sons. Akbar and his sons had a desire to bathe, They took off their clothes and would go for a bath in the river. They told Birbal that you take care of our clothes.

Birbal put their clothes in the back like a donkey and stood on the river bank. Seeing Birbal standing, Akbar told that. seeing you standing like this, it seems like a donkey of the washerman neither of the house nor the Pier.

Birbal smiled and replied, the responsibility of the washerman is only to handle one donkey, but my responsibility is to handle three donkeys. Upon hearing this answer, Akbar became silent and started doing his work.

Moral:- We Should never make fun of anyone without knowing them.

5. Sand and Sugar

Once upon a time. Akbar was sitting in his court when a soldier arrived there. He has a jar of glass in his hand. He asked the soldier ‘What’s in this jar?’ The soldier told that there is a mixture of Sand and sugar in this Jar. Akbar told the soldier why did you bring this here, Then the soldier told that we want to test Birbal’s intelligence. We want him to separate the sugar from the sand.

Akbar Called Birbal and asked him to separate this sugar from the sand without the use of water. Birbal said this is my left-hand game. He picked up the jar and walked out. He went to the garden and dropped the mixture under a tree there.  The soldier asked him, what are you doing?

Birbal said that you will know it tomorrow. The next day everyone reached there and saw that there were only sand and no sugar. A soldier asked, where did the sugar go, then Birbal told the soldiers that the ants took the sugar in their bills. All the People were happy and praised Birbal.

Moral:- Never Consider anyone as small like the ants.

6. When Birbal Met Akbar First Time

Once Akbar went to the jungle for hunting and wandered there. There came a man whose name was Birbal who showed him the right way. Pleased with Birbal, Akbar gave him his ring and said you can come to my court by showing this ring. I will give you rewards.

A few days later Birbal went to the king’s court but a soldier standing outside stopped him. The soldier knew that if he goes in, he would definitely get some reward. The soldier told him that if he went in and got the reward, he would have to give me half the reward. Birbal obeyed him.

The king recognized Birbal and he asked him, what reward do you want? Then he told the king to slapped me 50 times. The king was surprised to hear this. He said why should I slap you then Birbal said that I will tell you the reason later. First, Please fulfill my wish, slapped me. The king started slapping him. As soon as 25 slaps became done.

Birbal asked for permission to call the soldier standing outside. The soldier felt that now he would get half reward, but Birbal told the king everything about the soldier. Akbar slapped him the left 25 Slaps. Seeing the cleverness of Birbal here, the king was very happy and made him his minister.

Moral:- Greed Is Bad

7. Everything Happens For Good

Once upon a time Akbar and Birbal went to the forest for hunting. Akbar’s finger got cut while hunting there. Seeing his severed finger, Birbal told him, Don’t worry Everything happens for good. Akbar got angry on hearing this. He asked his soldiers to take Birbal to the Kingdom and hang him with a rope.

Akbar alone went ahead for hunting. The tribal people had laid a trap in the forest and Akbar got caught in that trap. As soon as the chief of the tribals moved forward to sacrifice him, he saw his severed finger and said, We cannot sacrifice him leave him.

Akbar realizes that Birbal had told the truth, whatever happens, is for good. If my finger had not been cut, those people would have sacrificed me. He gets upsets. He feels that he has just ordered to kill him. He went to his kingdom.

After reaching there he saw it was not so late. Akbar apologized to Birbal. Birbal said, no matter what happens, it happens for good.  Akbar asked that I ordered to kill you Yet you are telling me that what happens is for good. Why so? Birbal told him that if you did not send me with soldiers then I would have gone hunting with you and those tribal people would have taken me with them and might have sacrificed me.

Moral: Whatever happens, it is for good.

8. One Man Three Qualities

Once Akbar asked Birbal, can you find someone who has the ability to speak different dialects? Birbal said that I know a person who speaks differently. That person knows the parrot’s, donkey’s, and the lion’s dialect. Akbar was surprised to hear this and asked him to call that man.

The next day Birbal took the man. He gave the man a small bottle of wine. The man was now light drunk. The man knew that Akbar would punish him if he speaks something unappreciated. Therefore, due to fear, he started buttering his words. Birbal said this is a parrot’s language. Sweet words.

Birbal then gave the man another bottle of liquor. Now the man was completely drunk. He was not afraid at all. He stood in front of Akbar and said I am also the king of my house and I am not afraid of anyone. Birbal said, that now he is speaking fearlessly. That is why it is the language of the lion.

Then Birbal gave the man another bottle of liquor and now the man was so drunk that he started to make strange sounds from his mouth. Birbal then told Akbar that it was making the sound of a donkey. Akbar was again happy with Birbal’s intelligence and rewarded him.

Moral:- Alcohol is harmful to the health.

9. How Many Blinds In The World

Once The Akbar asked that tell me which number of people are more? Who can see or who cannot see? Birbal said that Maharaj I will answer this tomorrow.

The next day Birbal sits in the middle of the village with a pen and paper in his hand. Every person asks him, What are you doing here? Whoever was asking this question Birbal was writing his name. After some time the Akbar also reaches the village and asks Birbal, What are you doing here?

Birbal also writes Akbar’s name in his list. Akbar observes that Birbal has written his name. He takes the paper from him and sees that a List of blind people is written on the paper. Akbar gets very angry about seeing why his name has been inserted among blind people? He asked why you put my name in it.

Birbal says, Forgive me But I just want to prove that there are so many blind people in this world. While everyone was watching me, I was sitting in the village with some pen and paper. Still, everyone was asking the question, what are you doing?  Hearing this, Akbar becomes very happy with him and also rewards him.

Moral:- Never ask silly questions.

10. Milk of an ox

Once Akbar asked his friends that if any of you doubt Birbal’s ability, then tell me. A man sitting there told that if you have such faith in Birbal’s ability, then tell him to go and bring the milk of the bull. Hearing this, Everyone was surprised. The Akbar ordered Birbal to bring milk of bull for me tomorrow.

At night, when Akbar was sleeping, he hears some loud noises. Like someone breaking stone with a hammer. He sent his soldiers to find out who is making such voices in the middle of the night. When the soldiers arrived there, they saw a girl beating clothes. The soldiers immediately presented her to the Akbar. The Akbar asked that girl. What is the reason that you are washing clothes at midnight?

The girl said that my father gave birth to a child. That’s why I have to do laundry. Akbar got angry he says How can a man give birth to a child?  Immediately Birbal reaches there and says anything can happen Maharaj. The bull can also provide milk Nowadays. On hearing, this Akbar started laughing loudly and he understood the whole thing.

11. Akbar and The Parrot

Once Akbar brought a parrot and asked his servant to take good care of this parrot if anything happens to this parrot, I will give you the death penalty and if someone told me that the parrot is dead then I will kill him too with my sword. The servant took very good care of the parrot.

The parrot died one day. Now that servant was very scared.  He went straight to Birbal and told him to save my life. Birbal said don’t worry. You just stay at your home. Birbal went to Akbar and told that your parrot is not speaking anymore and the parrot is not moving too. Akbar stood up and said angrily, what happened is the parrot dead?

He went to see his parrot and saw that the parrot was dead. He ordered to calls the servant of this parrot I will give him the death penalty. Birbal says Yes, I call the servant, but how can I forget about your death.

Birbal tells them that you have already said that if someone will say that the parrot is dead you will punish him, and you have said this. Akbar accepts his mistake and immediately declares that the parrot has died in his own death. He is free, the servant also becomes happy.

Moral:- Always thinks before you say

12. Two Man and A Tree

One day Akbar is sitting in his court, then the two men Raju and Raam come to him and says that he has brought a case of a tree which he owns.  Both of them start fighting among themselves.  Akbar says I will take this decision who is the real owner of the tree.

Akbar asks Birbal to investigate this matter and find out who is the real owner of the tree? At night, Birbal sends his advisor to Ram and Raju’s houses. The advisor first goes to Raju’s house and says that some robbers have attacked the tree. They want to take the ripe mangoes off the tree. Raju thought that Akbar has not given the decision yet and I have not eaten anything, so why should I fight with anyone unnecessarily and they will have weapons in their hands too.

When the same news is told to Ram, he sees neither and goes straight to save his mango tree.  Birbal realizes that the real owner of this tree is Ram because he has to save the tree even in the middle of the night. Birbal tells Akbar the whole thing and the next day the Akbar decides that the real owner of the tree is the ram.

Moral:- Truth always wins

13. The Camel’s Neck

One day Akbar was very happy with Birbal and decided to give gold currencies to Him. A few days passed but the Birbal did not get those gold currencies. He wondered how he should remind Akbar about gold currencies now. On the other hand, Akbar also remembered this thing, but he wanted to see how Birbal would remind him of this?

The next day both Akbar and Birbal went out for a walk. After some distance, they saw a camel. Akbar says, tell Birbal Why is a camel’s neck bent? Birbal thinks this is the right time to remind him about his promise. He says, if a person forgets the promise, then the necks of the children in his family are bent around. Maybe the camel has forgotten his promise and this happened to him

Hearing this, Emperor Akbar is very surprised and as soon as he reaches the palace he hands over those gold currency prizes to Birbal and laughs and asked him. Now nor will my children have their neck bent. On hearing this, Birbal and Akbar start laughing loudly.

Moral:- Promise Should not be forgotten.

14. Birbal Told God Is One

Once Akbar asked a question Birbal. I am Muslim My God is Allah. Those are Christian There god is Jesus. You are Hindu and you worship many Gods, Why so? Birbal says there is only one God, Maharaj. How can this happen, says Akbar? How can God take many forms?

Birbal called a servant and asked, pointing towards his turban, and asked what is this? The servant said this is a turban. Birbal said, take it off and tie it in your waist. Birbal asked, what is it now? The servant said it became a belt of the waist. Birbal said, now take it off and tie it in your legs. The servant did the same and after some time Birbal asked again. Now what is this then the servant said, now it has become a dhoti (Indian Dress).

Birbal, Maharaj, when using a cloth differently, it can take different forms, and when water can become cloud in the sky. Rain can fall on the ground as water and snow can form in the river, so why can’t God take different forms? Now Akbar understood that God has many forms but God is the same.

Moral:- God has many forms, but God is one.

15. Dream OF Akbar

One day Emperor Akbar was sleeping comfortably. He had a dream in which he saw that apart from one of his teeth, all the other teeth were broken. The next day he called all his friends and asked them what is the meaning of this dream?

Some astrologers were also present there. They explained that the meaning of the dream is that all your relatives will die before you. Akbar got very upset thinking this. After some time Birbal reaches there.  Akbar tells Birbal about his dream and tries to find out the meaning of this dream from him. Birbal says smilingly, there is nothing to be sad about this. You will get a good life from all your relatives. On hearing this Akbar starts feeling very good and he becomes very happy.

Moral:- Sleepy Dreams Never come true.

16. Akbar Met Fairy and a witch

One day Emperor Akbar was resting. He asked Birbal, I have not seen a fairy nor have I seen a witch. Birbal, can you show me both?  Birbal, with great confidence, yes I will show you both. Birbal was very intelligent. He immediately went and brought with him a peasant woman who was very diligent but not beautiful in appearance and brought another woman with him who was a prostitute but very beautiful in appearance.

Akbar says to Birbal what a spectacle it is, Birbal says that this beautiful girl is a witch and the girl who is not beautiful, is a fairy. Akbar said, Explain to me Birbal. Birbal said It is not that beautiful but this dark woman loves her husband dearly. That is why I say her a fairy and the other one which is very beautiful is a prostitute who gives her honor to others. Someone who has no respect for herself is a witch. Akbar realizes that beauty is all about a pure heart.

Moral:- Never judge a book by its cover.

17. Farmer Well and Birbal Story

Once in the kingdom of the Akbar, a man sold his well to the farmer. The next day the farmer was drawing water from the well. The person who sold the well to the farmer comes to him and says that I have sold you only well. I did not sell the water inside. The farmer becomes unhappy with him and goes to Akbar for help

Akbar calls Birbal. After hearing all the things of the farmer, Birbal calls the person who sold the well to the farmer. He asked the man that if you have sold the well to the farmer, how did you get the water right? The man says that I have only sold well. The right on the water is the only mine. Birbal says okay I also agreed but you do not have the right to keep your water in someone else’s well.

The man gets confused and says what should I do. Birbal says that either take out all such water or pay the farmer to keep water in the well, that farmer is happy and the man apologizes to the farmer.

Moral:- Never persecute the weaker than you. Just like the man persecute the farmer

18. Justice to Old man

During the winter season, Akbar announces that if a person will stay in the water to the chest, for the whole night in such a winter, then in the morning, he will be given 1000 gold currency. An old man becomes happy. He also needed money to get his daughter married. He accepts this challenge and remains immersed in cold water till morning.

In the morning Akbar asked the old man. You won the prize, but How did you get out of the night by drowning in such cold water? The old man told, I was feeling cold but I was thinking that those lamps of your fort were all around me. Akbar refuses to reward him and says that this is cheating you Got heat from the lamps burning in my fort.

Birbal felt this is an injustice to the old man. He is decided to give justice to the old man. The next day Akbar and Birbal go to the jungle for hunting. Birbal burns the fire to cook and puts the dishes at some distance from the fire.

Akbar says to Birbal are you mad. If you want to cook, then put the dishes on the fire only then the food will be made. then Birbal said, If a fire cannot prepare food that is kept at a short distance, imagine how that old man can get heat from the lamps running in your fort last night. Akbar immediately realizes his mistake and going back to his village, he gives the old man his reward and also asks for his forgiveness.

Moral:- Truth always wins

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