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Bedtime Stories A Perfect Place To Read Stories

Hello Friends, Today I am telling you something about bedtime stories-Z but before starting it I want to write a few lines here.

We all have our own stories.  It is normal for everyone to have different kinds of stories, but what the most important thing is “What we learn from these stories RIGHT?”

About Bedtime storiesZ

Bedtime storiesZ was founded in the present year 2020 by Devesh, with the help of this website we try to motivate peoples and inspiring them with our stories.

So that they are able to improve their lifestyle and try to achieve what they actually want to achieve!

If you are joining us for the first time, then have a look at these stories and I guarantee you that You learn something from every story:

Here’s a list of content that you find here:

Moral stories: If you want to give your kids good moral values so, you can visit here. There are so many moral stories for kids which provides the best moral not only to kids but every age.

Horror stories: We will provide you such horror stories that you will like very much, but we will not provide you with such stories that will cause you to have a heart attack.

Love stories: We will provide you such love stories that will not only be for young youth, but also for every relationship in the world, siblings, mother and father, husband and wife, even for friends. Because love is present in every relationship of the world.

And many more means based on your requirement…


How did the idea come?

This question is very funny and a very funny story is hidden behind it. It was 4 years ago. I was learning to blog.

At that time, I did not know much but I wanted to implement as much as I knew, so I took a funny photo of my friend and wrote some funny things about it and uploaded it to the blogger platform.

You will not believe that just two days later when I checked it back, I saw that a reply from a US man came there.  When I opened up the analytics,  two to five views were there and the visitors were from China, the US, and Australia, . Although this is not a big deal.

but a very big light starts with a small ray and I got the idea from there why not write stories and make them accessible to the people through the internet.


About the founder of Bedtime storiesZ

My name is Devesh and this is my  Instagram handle I am 21 years old. I am a man who loves a simple lifestyle.

I love to explore new places and relationship status is absolutely single ( ha-ha-ha ). currently, I am running this website and doing a 9 to 5 job As well.


My failure

  • My biggest mistake in professional life was that I thought if I learn SEO in Digital Marketing then I would probably become the King of the digital World but obediently I was very much wrong.  I wasted all my time all my hard work and all my pocket money on these courses. This was my biggest mistake and now I knew that there are many more things that matter.


  • I worked in an MNC company for 2 months.  All was well in the first month, but gradually the pressure of work started increasing and I realized that maybe the job from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm will not happen to me and the biggest thing is to work under a boss because there is no development there. I have always wanted to reach out to people and talk to people, be friends with people, but I did not get the assignment of that off in MNC companies at all.


  • Finally, after 4 years, when I had learned everything, I thought why not create a website and I picked up a health topic and created a website on it, I put all my time and my hard work on it but after two months that website failed very badly and it was the biggest mistake of my life.