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5 Best Short Bedtime Stories for girls

Short Bedtime Stories for girls


Meaningless Goals

In a small village, a farmer lived with his dog. His dog would sit on the roadside every day. and waiting for vehicles As soon as a vehicle passes by, the dog starts racing with the vehicle and tries to overtake it.

Another man’s house was next to the farmer. One day the man asked the farmer. Your dog runs after vehicles every day.  Do you think he can overtake them?

The farmer replied with a smile. This thing does not bother me. The only thing that bothers me is that he does not come under the car on his own while running behind the car.

In real life too, people behave like dogs, who adapt and run after the meaningless goals, and eventually, they themselves are harmed.

Moral of the story:-  You should always set a goal that you can achieve.


Just be…

The husband and wife lived in a small house in a small village. They both were newly married. One day he came to his wife and said very affectionately in her ear, I love you! 

His wife smile and then he smiled at seeing his wife.  Then his wife said that when I am eighty years old, then I will remember my old days and I will miss this movement the most. A few minutes later both of them went to sleep, but the man stayed up all night.  He spent the whole night wondering about his first date, thinking about his first vacation.

Then he started thinking about his marriage.  He thought that this was all the movement he saw and enjoyed with his wife.  Then he realized that we should be present in our lives and enjoy every movement.  Just don’t think the pointer comes! Just being together. Breathing together. And resting together.

Moral of the story:- We should always stay in the present and remember the moments we spent with our loved ones.


Motivation Give By Friends.

A small group of frogs lives in a small forest. one day a group of frogs was passing through the forest. Two of them fell into a big pit.  The other frogs looked at him and said that this pit is very deep, so now there is no hope for you to escape. 

The old frog said that we should help them.  all of them started helping them. Despite many efforts, both of them could not come out of the pit.  Then all the frogs said that now we should stop trying because you never come out from this pit.

One frog hears the rest of the frogs.  He did not want to die.  He put his full force and jumped out of the pit and save his life.  The second frog was still trying to come out of the pit.

know all the frogs shouted at him. He ignored them and jumped with full force. He Came out of the pit and saved his life.

Moral of the story:- some of your friends shouted at you it does not anger it’s motivation too.


The struggle of life

A man lived in a house with his daughter.  One day daughter complains to her father that her life was too miserable and she does not know how she was going to make it. she was tired of her life’s struggles.  It seemed that as soon as one problem is solved, another problem arises. 

The girl’s father took her to the kitchen.  There were three pots in the kitchen.  There was water inside the pots.  He picked up those three pots and put them on a high fire.

When the water started boiling in all three, the girl’s father placed eggs in one pot, potato in a second pot, and coffee beans in the third pot. The girl waited and wondered what my father was doing.  After a while, her father extinguished the fire.

He took potatoes and eggs out and place them in a bowl. he took coffee out and place it in a small cup. He then told his daughter what you see.  The daughter said potato eggs and coffee. The father told his daughter. touch them. she did and feel that they were soft know.

He told his daughter to smell to the coffee, the scent of the coffee brought a smile on her face. Then he told his daughter that first potato is hard but after boiling they become soft, and eggs are hard on the outside but it’s liquid inside it, and after putting coffee in boiling water they changed the water. 

The same happens in life but it’s your choice who you want to become ( coffee, eggs or potato) 

Moral of the Story:- We also have many opportunities in life.  It is up to us how we use those opportunities.


Everyone is important

A girl named Juli had just completed her school and taken admission in college. As soon as she got out of school, she liked the environment of the college very much.  she has also made friends. Juli was also very good at studies. Spent some time in college and one day a professor made a quiz competition of Juli and her classmates.

The professor made a question paper consisting of ten questions. The answers to nine questions were well written by Juli, but the tenth questions were somewhat strange.  The tenth question was: What is the name of the lady who cleans our classroom every morning?

Juli had seen the lady cleaning the room many times but she did not know her name. That’s why she left the last question blank.

Before the class was over, one student asked the professor that the number of the last question will also be counted. Will be counted absolutely.  Profession said, then the professor said one thing. You meet many people in your life.

And All are important, all deserve your attention. All you have to do is watch them and say hello with love. Juli never forgot the words of the professor and the next day she said hello to the lady and also knew her name. That lady’s name was loona.

Moral of the Story:- We should give importance to everyone in our life.