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5 Short Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Kids 

5 Short bedtime stories to tell your kids 

Are you looking for good and short bedtime stories to tell your kids? These are 5 best short bedtime stories to tell your children. All these stories have a good moral in it. Your kids will learn good values after listening to these stories. 


1. A Hungry Mouse

A Hungry Mouse bedtime stories

Once a mouse was very hungry.  He had not eaten anything for several days.  He tried hard to get something to eat, but even after trying hard, he could not find food.

As the days passed, the mouse became very weak and due to weakness, he became thin. One day the rat received a basket of corn.  Under the basket, he saw that there was a small hole from which the rat could easily go inside, So  He entered the corn basket.

The rat was hungry for a long time, so he ate corn very much that his stomach swelled up completely. He later realizes that he has eaten too much. 

After eating this much, the rat became very fat.  The rat thought that let me go back now, but the rat could not go back from the hole. 

The hole through which the rat came in it could not get out of that area and that rat trapped there itself.

Moral of the story:- we should never take anything more than necessary.


2. Magical River

Short bedtime stories to tell

There lived two brothers named Ramesh and Suresh in a small village. Ramesh was very fair and clever. On the other hand, Suresh was dark skin and a very innocent kind.

One day, Ramesh’s wife told Ramesh to takeover Suresh property and Ramesh does this and does not give anything to his brother.

One day, Unhappy Suresh went to the forest and he saw a river ahead of him and he went near the river and started washing his face.  While washing his face, he thought that I would be as fair as my brother. 

When he reached his house, his wife was surprised to see him. she tells him that he has become too smart. And Suresh could not believe when he saw himself in the mirror.

After thinking a lot, he came to know that when he washed his face, he said that I would be as fair as my brother.  He comes to know that all this is the work of a magical river.

In the evening, Suresh again goes to that magical river.  He puts it in his hand and says that you have made me fair but please give me as much money as my brother. When he takes his hand out of the water, gold coins come into his hand.

Seeing this Suresh asks the river.  Is it your work? Are you a magical river, then a sound comes from the river.  Yes, this is my job.  I am a magical river, but there is one thing.  If you ask me for something, I will give it to you.  But if you ask for something for your enemy, you will get twice that.

Suresh now started helping everyone in the village.  All the people in the village started being very happy with Suresh.  Seeing everyone’s happiness, Suresh’s elder brother feels jealous. He started thinking how is this all happening?

The next night, Suresh’s elder brother Ramesh follows Suresh.  He sees how he asks for anything from the river and gets anything.  Seeing all this, he is shocked and tells his wife everything.

His wife becomes happy and tells Ramesh that only we and Suresh know about this river, so why not do something that Suresh cannot go near that river.

On hearing this, Ramesh goes to the magical river and puts his hand inside the river and says, “Burst an eye of my brother and break a leg”. 

Saying this, he goes to his house and sleeps comfortably.  But when he wakes up in the morning, both his legs are broken and both eyes have been amputated.  Then he comes to notice that the river had said that if you ask for something for your enemy, you will get double of it.

Moral of the Story:- Never thinks of anything bad for your enemy!


3. Farmer and His Four Sons

bedtime stories to tell kids
bedtime stories to tell kids

A long time ago, there used to be a village. There lived a farmer in the same village who had four sons. All four of his sons were very powerful, beautiful, and very hardworking. But they never spoke with love for each other.

The farmer was very worried after seeing all this.  He always wondered what would happen to his children after him? The farmer wanted his sons to live in love and not quarrel with each other. The next day the farmer made a plan.

He called all four of his sons and gave them a bundle of wood and asked them to take wood out of it and break it then show it to me.

Those four sons took out the wood one by one and broke the wood very easily and placed it in their father’s hand and said, see this task was very easy for us. give us something big which would be more difficult.

The farmer was happy, the farmer put another bundle of wood in front of him and said, now break all these woods together and show it.

The four sons tried one by one but all their efforts were wasted. one of them left that wooden bundle without even trying for it. But no one could break it.

The farmer told his sons that it was very easy for all four of you to break the wood.  But when I converted all the wood into a bundle and I asked you to show me by breaking the wood again, why couldn’t you break them?

The farmer’s sons responded to the farmer.  Dad, this wooden bundle had become stronger when this wood was together. we could not break this bundle together?

The farmer starts laughing, when I put these sticks together on the bundle, you could not break it because it had become strong here.  Similarly, you all brother should always be together. live together with love. Only when you become strong you will be able to fight the world and achieve your goal.

Moral of the Story:- There is strength in unity.


4. Proud Tree

proud tree bedtime stories
proud tree bedtime stories

Once upon a time, there were two big trees in a very dense forest, a mango tree and a guava tree. The mango tree was very happy.  He used to give very sweet mangoes. 

On the other hand, the guava tree was very arrogant and whenever someone sat under him, he used to scare him.

One day some birds came and started building a nest on the guava tree, but the guava tree scares them. Then the mango tree said do not do this.  You never let anyone nest on you.  At least let these birds be built, they will get a house.

In the guava tree said, I will not let anyone build a nest on me. Days passed and one day some bees arrived there.  They looked at the guava tree and thought why don’t we make our own hive in it, but the guava tree refused but Mango tree Called the bees and said that you make your hive on my branches.

One day two hunters suddenly arrived there.  they needed some wood to build their house. They looked at the mango tree and thought why don’t we build our house with its branches. They saw that there was a beehive on his twigs. they both panicked and backed away.

Just then, their eyes fell on the guava tree.  They thought, why don’t we cut its wood and make it our home?  Moved towards the tree and started cutting his wood.

There is a mango tree, he was watching everything.  He called the bees at the same time and said, will you help me?  The bees said, say yes!

The bees helped the guava tree and after that, the guava tree said sorry to the bees, and then they all lived together with love. 

Moral of the Story:- This story teaches us that we should always help others.


5. Lion And the Monkey 

short bedtime stories
lion and monkey short bedtime stories

It is a matter of time.  Some monkeys used to live near a hill in a very dense forest.  Those monkeys occupied that hill.  One day a lion arrived there. The lion captured a cave-in that hill there.  The monkeys started having much trouble with the arrival of the lion.

The lion lived in his cave with his friend Jackal. One day some monkeys came to the lion and complained. The monkeys told the lion that we are having a lot of trouble due to your coming here.  Please you go from here.

The lion said angrily, go where.  monkeys said, where you lived before.  Jackal said, why do we go away.  The whole world knows that the lion is always in the cave and the monkey is on the trees, so what problem do you have?

Lion told the monkeys that I will not disturb you till then.  As long as you don’t disturb me  The monkeys told him that if we do a jump then you will have problems with it.

The monkeys did not like the lion.  He decided that whatever happens. We will not let it stay here.

The monkeys started trying to drive the lion away.  They are a very big hill. and they tried to throw stones at the lion but he survived.

The lion told Jackal that I would not leave this cave. You will bring food and water for me, and whenever the jackal comes alone with water or food, they snatch it and throw it down the hill.

Some days passed the lion was hungry and thirsty. One day the lion and Jackal suddenly saw the monkeys throwing their food down the hill.

After some time the monkeys came to the lion and said that we bother you so much?

Still you do not say anything. you know that we throw your food down the hill but you still do not say anything.

The lion told the monkeys that I am not upset with you but happy. You throw my food down the hill and other animals come to eat the same food and then I hunt them Because of your hard work, I do not have to work hard in hunting.

Moral of the Story:- Do not ever harm anyone?


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