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The Bird and The Elephant Story for Kids

The Bird and The Elephant Story for Kids. In this story, a mad elephant kills the bird’s children, and then the bird her husband, woodpecker, frog, and the bee decided to take revenge from the mad elephant. know let’s read how they take their revenge from elephant so let’s start reading.


The Little Bird and A Mad Elephant Story


A bird lived with her husband on a tree in a very dense forest.  She had given some eggs and she was waiting for her children to come out from the eggs.

Some time passed and one day she was sitting on the eggs and her husband was going to make arrangements to eat as usual. Just then, an angry elephant came and broke the surrounding trees with his feet.  If any tree came in front of him, he would break it.

The elephant came under the bird tree while start plucking the trees. That tree was very strong.  The elephant tried hard to break that tree but failed to break it and finally went away. The tree was not broken, but the bird’s nest fell on the ground and all its eggs broke.

The Elephant Story for Kids

Seeing her burnt eggs, the bird became very sad and started crying loudly.  All the animals around also started seeing her. Then her husband arrived there.
The bird told her husband everything.  Her husband also got very angry and became very sad.  Then both of them decided that we would teach the elephant a lesson.

They reached out to one of their friends, woodpecker, and told him everything and said that please can you help us in taking revenge from the elephant.

The woodpecker has two more friends, a bee, and a frog. They all planned how to take revenge from that elephant.

bee was the first to work under the fixed plan.  she started humming in the ears of the elephant.  The elephant starts enjoying that music and on the next phase of the woodpecker when the elephant was immersed in the music.  He broke both his eyes.  The elephant groans painfully.

Then it was the frog’s turn.  frog went to the hill and with his companions.  He started making sounds. Hearing the sound of frogs, the elephant felt that there was a pond nearby him. Chasing the sound of frogs and chasing, he reached the top of the hill. He felt that the water was nearby and Thinking this he jumped from the hill.

The elephant died after jumping from the hill.

MORAl of the story:- this story teaches us that even if the weakest of the weak work together, then the greatest work can be done and even the biggest enemy can be defeated.

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