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Blind Men and an Elephant

Blind Men and an Elephant- This is the story of an elephant and the six blinds. in this story, we read about the six blinds who never see any animal, and one day both of them came to know that an elephant comes in their village. And then all of them go and feel the elephant and then an argument started between them. know let’s read what happened next?


Six Blind Men and an Elephant Story

That was a long time ago.  There used to be six blinds in a small village somewhere. Being blind, they could never see this world well. one day both of them were sat under a big tree. Then the people of the village started running from here to there in happiness. Then one of them asked the villager, what happened, why is everyone running away from here and why are they so happy?

Then some villagers told him that the elephant has come into the village today and we are all going to see that elephant. He told his five companions that elephant has come in the village today, so why don’t we also go to that elephant.

They all became very happy because they had heard the name of the elephant till today.  But they never see the elephant. Because of their blindness.

They decided that even though we cannot see the elephant.  But we can feel it.  We will feel him by touch and find out what he looks like in reality.

Then six blinds got up and started going towards the place where the elephant had come. Those six blinds approached the elephant and upon reaching the elephant, they all started touching him.

The first man touched and feel the elephant’s feet and told the other five that I understood what the elephant looked like.  He told that it looks like a pillar.

Then the second man grabbed and feel the tail of the elephant and said, no you are misinformed it is like a rope in real. When the third person grabbed and feel the elephant’s trunk, he said, “No, you two are wrong, the elephant is like a tree trunk in real.”

The fourth man said all three of you are joking, actually the elephant in real like a banana leaf? He said this because he touches and feels the elephant’s ear.

The fifth person kept his hand on the stomach and said no, it is like a wall. The last man put his hand on his tooth and said no, it is in reality like a pipe.

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Then they all started arguing among themselves.  Looking at their argument, it seemed that they were now about to fight. Just then a wise man passed from there.  He asked them what happened, why are you fighting? They told the old man everything and said that we are not able to decide here what the elephant looks like in real?

The wise man listened to everyone and then said that all of you are right. The difference in your description is because you all touched different body parts of the elephant. Six blinds became happy on hearing the old man. Now they had come to know that they all are right.


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