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Brahms Lullaby For Baby’s Good Sleep

Brahms Lullaby

After much research, it has been proved that lullaby actually works in a good way. It helps the baby to get a good quality sleep. Whenever the child hears a lullaby it forms an emotional connection between the parents and the child. It also helps to keep the brain healthy. So we have brought the best Brahms lullaby for you and your kids.

Brahms Lullaby

Brahms Lullaby Lyrics

lullaby and Good night, In the sky stars, are bright.
May the moon’s silvery beams, bring you sweet dreams.
Close your eye now and rest, May these hours be blessed.

Till the sky’s bright with the dawn
when you wake with a good yawn.
lullaby and good night, you are mother’s delight.
I’ll protect you from harm
and you will wake in my arms.

Sleepyhead close your eye, I am right beside you
Guardian angels are here, So sleep without fear

Oh sheets white as cream with the head of dreams
lay down and rest, may your slumber the best 
Go to sleep little one, think of puppies and kittens.

lullaby and Good night, In the sky stars, are bright.
lullaby and Good night, In the sky stars, are bright.

Summary of Brahms Lullaby

While narrating this lullaby, a mother tells her child. Good night in the sky the stars are starting to twinkle now. I pray that the light of the moon shows you good dreams. Now close your eyes and relax. I pray that you sleep very well. Now when it is morning and you would yawn You get up from a good sleep. You are your mother’s delight. I will always protect you and keep sleeping in my arms. Little baby, you close your eyes and go to sleep. I am with you and And guardian angles are also with you, so you sleep without any fear. Just as beautiful white sheets are laid in beds, similarly you also had good dreams. Little child, I will always be with you  Now you rest  I wish you had a good sleep.  Now you go to sleep and have dreams about little puppies and Kittens

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