Cain and Abel Story

This is a famous Cain and Abel Story. Cain and Abel were the kids of adam and eve. There is a very interesting story about them. so let’s read this story.

After the fall, God banished Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. Life was hard and work was difficult but god promised eve that she would give birth to her own children and soon it happened. Eve gave birth to a son and called him Cain. He was the firstborn child. Then she had a second son and named him Abel.

Cain and Abel Story
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As the boys grew up they showed interest in different things. Abel loved animals and became a shepherd. Cain on the other hand became a farmer and was growing plants and food for the family. Both were supposed to pray the god and thank him for his provision. Abel loved God and it showed by his beautiful offer which he brought to God. He gave god his best sheep as a sacrifice. Cain brought some of his crops probably not even his best and god loved Abel’s offering more.

When Cain saw this he became very jealous and angry. God seemed to like Abel more than him and all these situations create more hatred in Cain’s heart. One day he told Abel that they should go out into the field. Cain’s heart was wicked and his jealousy made him do a very foolish thing. He planned to hurt Abel. He planned to kill his own brother.

While in the field Cain fought with his brother and killed him Cain’s jealousy turned his anger into a rage and in a foolish act he murdered his own flesh and blood. He forgot that God knew everything even that which he did in secret. Now Cain was really in trouble. God came to him spoke. where is Abel your brother? Cain was scared did god know “I don’t know”. He lied to god. Am I supposed to guard my brother all the time?

God was not fooled what have you done? know that you’ve killed your brother Abel. God then cursed Cain and banished him no longer would he be able to plant and harvest any crops no matter how hard he worked. Even in this punishment god protected him by placing a special mark on him. This mark meant that anyone who killed Cain would be severely punished. From that day, Cain became a fugitive on the earth. Settling in the land of nod far from the garden and far from god’s pleasure. His punishment would last the rest of his life.

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