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Clever Cat Story For Kids

In this story, you’ll go to read about a bird, a rabbit, and a cat. A bird who lives in a tree and one day she goes away from her place and after 7 days when she came back a rabbit took her place. Then both of them start fighting. so let’s read this story and find out how the cat solved they’re an issue?


A Rabbit and Clever Cat Story For Kids

A bird lived in a very dense forest. The tree on which he lived had other trees around which various fruits and seeds were grown. He was spending his life eating those fruits and seeds.

One day, another bird came flying and sat on the accompanying tree. Both of them talked a lot with each other. The second bird was surprised to learn that she is spending her life eating these fruits and seeds.

She told her that apart from these fruits and seeds, there are many things. Which can be eaten. She told her that “the grain grown in the field is so tasty that it does not feel like eating anything else”.

Hearing her words, the bird’s mouth became watery and she thought that tomorrow morning she will wake up and fly towards the field and will sit there and taste the grain. The next day when the bird reached the field and ate the grain, she found it very tasty. she ate so much grain and slept there.

She remained the same for a few days and continued to eat grains. She had been living there for the entire seven to eight days. Then she realized that she has a house too and now she should return home. Meanwhile, the rabbit was looking for a new home for himself.

Where he could live happily he saw a lot of trees in the forest but did not like any, but when he came near the bird tree, he liked that tree very much, because around that tree there was a lot of fruits and seeds trees.

He thought that I would eat this fruit and seed every day and I would not have to go anywhere else. That is why he made the bird tree his home. He made the same tree his home on which the bird lived.

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When the bird came back on her tree, she saw that someone else was living there now. She angrily said, “Who are you, this is my house.” The rabbit also grew up. Angrily said that “this is my home for 7 days. I live here now”.

The bird said, “I used to live here earlier”.

Rabbit said “when I came here this place was empty. So I settled here”.

The bird said that “if any such place is found empty then you will settle there?”

The bird told the rabbit that “you can also ask the other animals living around the tree, who lived here earlier, they will also tell that I lived here first”.


The rabbit said in a very angry voice that “I have no need to ask the rest of the animals. I know that I live here. This house was empty so I started living here. If this house is yours then why didn’t you come earlier?”

By hearing this bird get angry and then Both of them started fighting.

All the animals around said that there was no use to increase the quarrel. You two go to some knowledgeable person and try to explain your quarrel. A river flowed along the forest on the banks of which a cat lived.

And she is very knowledgeable. The bird was afraid to go to the cat but the rabbit was very happy to go to the cat. They both decided that Now our quarrel will solve the cat.

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The bird lovingly told the cat that “now you are the one who can solve our quarrel. We want you to judge us”. The cat was very clever. She used to trap all the animals of the forest with her Tricks.

The cat said very comfortably, “you should not quarrel but live with love. ok, Come on, please tell me your issue”.

As soon as the rabbit and bird started talking, “the cat picked up her hand and said, I become very old knowledge.”

I do not see well nor hear, so both of you come near my ear and say your thing so that I can listen well and then make a decision. Both of them liked the cat.

Both of them felt that the cat really became very old and now neither he can hear anything nor see anything. Both of them thought, why don’t we go and speak in the ears of the cat so that she can understand the whole thing and then make a decision.

Both of them agree with each other and started going to the cat. Both of them came near to the cat and this is what the cat wanted. As soon as the rabbit and bird come near to the cat’s ears. The cat made a sound from the mouth. Meow and in one stroke caught them both and killed them. Then she started eating them with fun.

Moral of the story:- In the quarrel of two, only the third one has the advantage, so stay away from the quarrels.


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