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The Two Cat Story

The Two Cat Story

This is the Famous cat story for kids. There used to be two cats in a forest. Both cats are very good friends among themselves. They used to go together wherever they went. They used to play together and eat together. One day the cats went looking for food, but after a long time, They could not find anything to eat. Both cats decided that they would go in different directions and look for food. 

As soon as they get something to eat. One will call the other and will eat the food together.  After much searching, the first cat finds bread. She takes that bread and sits under a tree. Then the other cat reaches there and says that you have got bread let’s eat it together. The first cat refuses to share the bread and says I will eat this alone. 

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The second cat tells him that we are both friends. We have talked about everything to share, so why are you cheating in friendship today. The first cat does not listen to her and she talks about eating bread alone. That is why their fight starts. A monkey was sitting on a tree. The monkey was watching the fight of two cats.

The Monkey goes to both of them and says, “Let me decide for both of you”. I tell who will get the bread and who will not. Thinking that the monkey will decide. They gave the bread to the monkey. The monkey runs away with their bread and climbs the tree and says that both of you are fools. 

You gave me your bread instead of sharing among you. Now you will not eat this bread. I will eat this bread. The monkey Takes bread and escapes, leaping from one tree to another and both cats are left looking at each other.

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