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5 Best Short Bedtime Stories for boys

Short Bedtime Stories for boys _ Never to give up. A poor farmer lived in a small village. That farmer had a donkey. One day that farmer’s donkey fell into a well. The donkey kept crying for hours and the farmer kept wondering what to


Top 3 Short Story of An Dragon

Story of An dragon and the star, In this story a little star named tiny went to earth and after a few times, he reached earth. Tiny arrived in a small village. Everything starts burning around him because of his heat, all the people started

Short Story About Dragon

Amazing Short Story About Dragon 2020

Short Story About dragon and the princess. In this story, A Princess defeat a bad king with her bravery and she got the win in the battle. Then the bad king took the help of a magician and the magician take her mom and dad

mice and the elephant

Mice and elephant story

In Mice and elephant story, we read about how because of elephants’ numbers of rats lost their life and then how the Gajraj help them. And when he Caught in a situation. then how rats helped him and save him. so let’s start reading this

blind men and an elephant

Blind Men and an Elephant

Blind Men and an Elephant- This is the story of an elephant and the six blinds. in this story, we read about the six blinds who never see any animal, and one day both of them came to know that an elephant comes in their

story of elephant

Story of Elephant and Rabbit In English

This is the story of elephants and rabbits. elephants that come into the forest and break the house of rabbits and kill some rabbits.  The rabbits then think of tricks to drive the elephant out of their forest and finally, the elephants have to run

the bird and the elephant story

The Bird and The Elephant Story for Kids

The Bird and The Elephant Story for Kids. In this story, a mad elephant kills the bird’s children, and then the bird her husband, woodpecker, frog, and the bee decided to take revenge from the mad elephant. know let’s read how they take their revenge

St George and The Dragon Story

St George and The Dragon Story

St George and The Dragon Story – The man The legend Somewhere in a small village, there lived a boy named George. George was a very clean and calm hearted boy. He lived in the village with his father and mother. He loved his father


The Wind and The Sun Story

In this story”The Wind and The Sun Story”, you will read how the wind and the sun got into a debate. Regarding who is more powerful and who would get to be embarrassed in front of whom? Let’s read this amazing story The Wind and

The dragon story for kids

Three Monkey And The Dragon Story For Kids

The Dragon Story For Kids:- In this story, we are going to read a story about three monkeys who are brothers and they love each other. One day they go for a bath at the side of the river, And suddenly a dragon came out from