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story of a foolish elephant

Story Of Foolish Elephant

Story of foolish elephant In this story, we read about a foolish elephant. Who gets trapped into the smooth talk of Jackal and start thinking that he is the king of the forest and the elephant got trapped in the swamp.  He tried hard to

The Princess and The Dragon

The Princess and The Dragon Story

In this story of The Princess and The Dragon. One day a Dragon takes her with him. How a prince saves her life. And then A monster tells them his story. So let’s read What was the story of that monster? _ The Princess and

Elephant and Ant Story

Elephant and The Ant Story

Hey friends, today I have brought to you a new Elephant and the Ant Story that we have been reading since childhood. In this story, we will read how an elephant breaks an ant’s house and then what Ant plans to take revenge from him?

Elephant and Monkey Story

Elephant and Monkey Story For Kids

Today we brought an Elephant and Monkey Story For Kids. This is a story of friendship between monkey and elephant and a clever fox tries to break their friendship and how she makes a plan with hunters to break them. will their friendship will break

the golden elephant story

The Golden Elephant Story

This is a  golden elephant story for kids.  in which a farmer (Whom Name Was Sonu) becomes a friend of a golden elephant. The golden elephant gave him his teeth and Farmer sell his teeth and then Sonu has greed in his mind. it will


Thirsty Crow Story For Kids

Hello friends, you must have heard the thirsty crow story. Today, we have brought this same story for you once again and have brought four more new crow stories for kids together, which you will definitely love to read. I reed these stories in my


Clever Cat Story For Kids

In this story, you’ll go to read about a bird, a rabbit, and a cat. A bird who lives in a tree and one day she goes away from her place and after 7 days when she came back a rabbit took her place. Then


The Monkey and The Crocodile

There was a crocodile. He becomes the friend of a monkey. one-day crocodile’s wife said, she wants monkey’s heart. so, Monkey makes a plan to escape from them.


The Lion and The Foolish Donkey

The Foolish Donkey A Short Moral Story:- Today we will read in this story how a jackal and a lion make a donkey foolish and then make a plan to kill him. We will get into how does the donkey gets into the greed of

Lion and The Clever Rabbit

Lion and Rabbit Story

Short Moral Story:- In the story, we will read the lion and rabbit Story. The lion who needlessly kill all the animals in the forest and we will read about how a clever little rabbit becomes the king of the whole forest. The Lion And