Christmas Stories for Kids

This is a famous Christmas story for kids. Here we have brought the best collection of Christmas stories for your children. Read them and enjoy. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

christmas stories for kids
Christmas stories for kids

Jesus Birth inspirational Christmas stories

One day a kid asked his mother, Why Jesus was born in a stable why not in a palace? Christmas is a perfect occasion to narrate the story about the birth of Lord Jesus to your kids. Here we go. It’s a story which happened two thousand years ago. A young woman lived in the town of Nasrin Israel. Her name was Mary and she was engaged to marry a carpenter joseph.

One morning an angel appeared to Mary and said mary god has chosen to honor her. Among all the men, Soon you will bear a son call him Jesus. He is being sent by God to save his people from sin. When mary heard about it she felt very happy but when joseph heard about mary’s baby he was worried. That night god’s angel came to joseph’s dream and said joseph don’t worry god wants you to marry mary. After marriage, you will have a son and you call him Jesus he will rescue god’s people.

Joseph believed what the angel had said he trusted God and married Mary. After marriage joseph and mary went on a journey. When they reached Bethlehem, Joseph wanted to find a comfortable place for mary. The time was near for her baby to be born. She was tired after the long journey but all the inns were full. At last, Joseph found shelter in his table that night mary’s baby was born. It was lord Jesus. Wow, when Jesus was born a new bright star appeared in the sky that was seen by three wise men and the three wise men knew that what it meant a special king was born. They started following the staff they were overjoyed. When they saw baby Jesus they bored Jesus and gave him a precious gift. They bought for him like gold frankincense mail that they brought for him and angels and shepherd man appeared and praised God for sending his son.

Why god chosen mary and joseph? Mary was a woman of courage purity and faith and joseph was a man of character, mercy, and obedience. While human looks on the outside god look upon the heart. The most humble birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated all over the world as Christmas. Thank you mom for reading the story. I wish you all happy Christmas and enjoy yourself with your family.

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