The Clever Rabbit Story

The Lion and A Clever Rabbit Story

This is the famous clever rabbit story. Once a lion lived in a forest. He was very powerful. He would kill and eat so many animals every day. Everyone was worried but no one has the courage to go to the lion. One day all the animals of the forest went to the lion. They said to him, You kill many animals every day. Please pity us.

The lion said, okay, I pity you, I have a condition. Every day one animal has to come to me and I will eat it. Now every day one animal used to go to the lion. One day rabbit’s turn came he was so clever. The Rabbit started crying. He could not understand what to do. The rabbit goes and sits near a well. Suddenly he gets an idea, and he moved towards the lion’s cave.

Clever Rabbit

Clever Rabbit

The lion gets angry and asks. How late have you been? Rabbit says chef I’m sorry We were Seven rabbits coming towards your cave but on the way, we found another lion who ate my six friends and I came to you to save my life.

The lion asked the rabbit who is the second lion in this forest. Take me to him and the rabbit tells him, okay sir, I will take you to him. He takes the lion straight to the well! And the rabbit told that the second lion lives inside this well. As the lion looks into the well, he sees his shadow, but he does not understand it and jumps into the well to fight. The lion dies and all the animals become very happy.

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What is the moral of the story the clever rabbit?

The moral of the Clever Rabbit Story is that no one is small or big. We can solve any problem using our minds. Such as the clever rabbit had done. The clever rabbit used his mind and save all the animals of the forest.

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