Dog Story for Kids

This is a famous dog Story for Kids. There are a brother and a sister. The brother named Gattu and his sister’s name is Chinky. One day Gattu and Chinki were playing in their garden. That is when they hear the sound of a dog barking. At first, they did not pay attention to the dog barking. But after some time, Chinky went to see this dog, what is the matter? Chinky goes to the dog and asks very politely what is the matter but Gattu picks up a stone and comes to kill the dog. Chinky says that calm down Gattu and says that we should never raise our hands on such innocent animals. You are doing this wrong. Chinky picks up the dog in her lap and takes her home to take care of that dog.

Dog Story for Kids
Dog Story for Kids

In a few days, the condition of that dog improves a lot. She asks this dog, what should we call your name. Chinky gives that dog the name Moti and says that from now on you will be with us, but Gattu does not like this thing. Gattu says that this dog is very dirty and will not keep it with me. After some time Chinki falls asleep and Gattu picks up the Moti and leaves it somewhere. After a while when Chinki’s eye opens, Chinki finds the dog. But she does not see that dog anywhere, Chick asks Gattu.

Do you see the Moti but Gatu refused to see Moti? Chinky starts crying loudly. At first, Gattu did not like Chinki’s cry. Gattu felt very bad seeing Chinki crying. But he was also happy that now that little dog had gone from his house. It is night and Gattu and his sister go to sleep. Then a thief enters their house.  Chinky’s eye opens only when the thief starts stealing.

Chinki tells Gattu, get up early. I can hear the sound of The Moti. Gattu gets shocked. Gatu tells that you calm down. Where did that dog come from now? When Chinki wakes up and sees that a thief is in their house and tried to stealing, and the Moti tries to drive the thief out of their house. Gatu calls the villagers and the villagers caught the thief. Gatu thought that he had left that Moti still he tried to save them. He realized his mistake that Chinki not only loves him but that dog also loves Chinki very much and seeing this, he allows the Moti to stay with them and after that, the three become very good friends and always live together. I hope you liked this Dog Story for Kids. Good day!

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