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Three Monkey And The Dragon Story For Kids

The Dragon Story For Kids:- In this story, we are going to read a story about three monkeys who are brothers and they love each other. One day they go for a bath at the side of the river, And suddenly a dragon came out from the river and he tried to kill those three brother monkeys and now it will be interesting to read how they make a plan to save their life from the dragon and how they defeat him.


Three Monkey And The Dragon Story For Kids


A small family of monkeys lived on the banks of a small river in a very dense forest with one male, one female, and three their children. All three monkeys were very naughty. And all the animals of their mischievous forest were well-liked.

They used to tease other animals in the forest and enjoy it. They used to go around jumping in the forest here and there.  One day, the parents of the three went to the forest to find food and at the same time, the three got an idea. All three of them wondered why not go to the nearby river to bathe and have fun.

The first brother spoke, but no one goes into that river.  Then the second brother said, no one goes.  But we will go. The third brother said, “Let’s go.”  because it is very hot today. So, take a bath in water and have fun.

The three agreed to each other and walked towards the river. The three reach the river and talk among themselves and say that I will jump into the river first.  The other says no.  I will jump into the river first.  Then the third brother says that I am older than both of you. So my right is to jump into the river first.

The Eldest brother jumps in the water. On seeing him, both his brothers also jump into the water. The three start swimming from here to there and throw water on each other. But the three of them did not know that a dragon lives in water.

The dragon sees all three of them and gets water in his mouth. He starts thinking that today was fun. Fresh meat will be eaten today.  Thinking this, he moves towards the three monkeys.

The dragon approaches the monkeys and suddenly runs out of water. All three brothers get scared after seeing him. He says to the three of them. After a long time, today I will eat meat from a monkey. The three of them start running away from there.  The dragon also runs after them and tells them where to escape and run away.

dragon story for kids

Today I will stay eating you. The eldest brothers running away and tell their younger brothers that if we run together, he will catch us.  But if we split up, he will get confused And our lives will be saved. and after split up, we will meet behind a big tree.

The two brothers like the talk of their elder brother and all three start running in different directions. Seeing them, the dragon gets confused. Seeing this, he gets very angry and he runs after the eldest brother.

After some time, the two brothers join the elder brother and they say among themselves that this dragon is not leaving us.  What do we do now, who will save us now?

The dragon comes very close to the three and he is about to eat them. That’s when the three monkeys start running in different directions again. The dragon’s mouth strikes a big tree directly.  He gets very angry.

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The three of them hide behind a big tree, but the monster also reaches there. Then the three of them and the dragon start walking around the tree. He hits the tree with its tail, causing the tree to fall over him. Seeing this, he gets even angrier.

The three of them hide behind a big stone.  All three are scared to see the dragon coming. they think that what we do know he going to eat us. Then the younger brother sees a drum under a tree which contains water. The youngest brother has an idea in his mind.  He quickly climbs to a tree.

The dragon looks inside the drum. Seeing the monkey’s shadow in the water, he feels that they are hiding inside the drum.  he put his mouth inside the drum. His thick mouth falls inside the drum, causing his suffocation and he dies.

The three brothers happily come to their parents and tell them the whole thing.  After listening to the whole thing, their parents hug them.

Moral of the story:- Only those who make the right moves at the right time are called intelligent.

Challenge:- How did the dragon’s mouth get inside the drum? Crack it in the comment box.


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