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Elephant and Monkey Story For Kids

Today we brought an Elephant and Monkey Story For Kids. This is a story of friendship between monkey and elephant and a clever fox tries to break their friendship and how she makes a plan with hunters to break them. will their friendship will break up? let’s read this story and find out.


The Elephant and Monkey Story For Kids With Moral


Once upon a time, In a huge forest, all animals of that forest lived together in love. An elephant and a monkey were live together & both were very good friends.

They used to share whatever they find in to eat, but there was also a fox who did not like a friendship between these two. Clever fox planned to separate the elephant and monkey from each other.

The fox thought that if they both were to separate from each other, they would have to befriend them.

One day elephants and monkeys are bathing in a small pond. after a while, the clever fox also reaches there and She asked to them. How are you?

Then both of them look at each other and say that we have never seen you before, who are you? The fox started cracking jokes, but they both did not like her words and they left from there.

They talk to each other that, maybe she is talking to us intentionally. It may have hidden its advantage behind it. For the next few days, elephants and monkeys used to go to that same pond again fox kept talking to them.

The monkey gets into her smooth talk, but the elephant does not get caught in his cute words and he scolds the fox. The fox leaves from there. Monkey asks his friend what happened? Why didn’t you talk to fox lovingly, the elephant tells him. I do not know if anything is lying in her words.

Monkey says no fox is very good. You worry unnecessarily, but the elephant tells that no, no, this cannot happen. That fox is hiding something. We both have to find this out together. But Monkey does not listen to him.

After some time both went towards their respective homes.

The elephant has two children. The monkey also has two children. they reach home and fall asleep. The next day some hunters arrive in the forest. He throws their trap over the fox to catches her and takes her with him.

Fox asks the hunters. Where are you taking me, those hunter tells her. We are taking you to our circus. We will get a lot of money by sending you. Clever fox said, have you ever seen a fox in the circus, then leave me.

I will tell you a very good solution by which your circus will also work very well. Together you will also get a lot of money.

Fox tells to hunters that there are two elephants and two monkey children in the forest. If you go away with it then your work will be done and their friendship will also be broken.

Hunters reach the place. The hunters throw traps on elephants and their kids. The elephant says after looks at the fox that, this is all your trick. I already knew that you were evil.

Fox tells, now you can only speak, you cannot do anything. The hunters take the elephants with them.

After some time monkey reaches there, fox starts crying as if she does not know anything. Monkey asks her What happened? Why are you crying? She says. That your best friend has gone away with your children.

After hearing all things, the monkey went to the side with tears in his eyes after a few minutes, he slept. Seeing a good chance, fox wanted to throw up a big stone on him but suddenly his friend elephant comes from behind.

He picks up a big stone and throws it at her foot. Monkey gets upon hearing this. He sees that the elephant has returned and his children as well.

The Elephant tells him everything. How the fox did such a bad job with hunters.

They both say to her, well your leg broke. Now you go somewhere away from this forest, otherwise, we will drive you away from here. Having said this, both of them leave from that place. Elephant and monkey friendship again become the same as before.


The moral behind this story:- We learn from this story that, we should never allow a third person in your friendship.

Challenge:- How many children the monkey had? Crack this in the comment box.


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