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Elephant and The Ant Story

Hey friends, today I have brought to you a new Elephant and the Ant Story that we have been reading since childhood. In this story, we will read how an elephant breaks an ant’s house and then what Ant plans to take revenge from him? Let’s dive into this funny story and if you like this story please share it.


Elephant and The Ant Story


An elephant lived in a forest which was very bad. His name was Jumbo. He did not consider other animals of the forest as anything. and Jumbo always harassed other animals.

One day Jumbo was crossing a small river and He sees a parrot sitting on a tree. He tells that parrot, that, “hey parrot salutes me because I am your boss, Parrot laughs at him”, so he throws parrot’s house so that the parrot does not sit on that tree again.

Seeing so much, the parrot starts crying and says that “you are very bad to see that one day you will also cry and no one will help you”.

Hearing this, he says, “am I so big? Who can hurt me, and he moves” and then he went to drink water.

After a few hours, Jumbo saw a house of mud in which an ant used to live in. The ant’s Name was Roma. Roma used to roam In the forest every day to eat something and return to her house in the evening.

Something similar happened on one day also. Jumbo filled his trunk with water and threw it on Roma, which caused her to get wet and her food also fell and she got very angry after seeing this.

Roma tells him that “I will not leave you”. Jumbo says “look at your size and see my size, then we can talk”.

The elephant goes from there but the ant starts crying. I will definitely get revenge.

A few days later, when Roma walks out of the house to get food, she sees that the elephant next to her house is sleeping comfortably in a deep sleep. Seeing him, She gets very angry and then a plan comes in her mind.

Roma comfortably approaches him and looks at his trunk. The elephant is sleeping comfortably. She enters into his trunk silently And as soon as it enters She starts biting him from inside. Suddenly Jumbo gets up.

Roma hurt the elephant a lot. He begins to cry and shout. “What is this, get out of my nose, I’m in pain, get out. Save me, save me” and every single animal of the forest reaches there. But no one can understand what’s happening.

Even after crying so much. She didn’t come out and bite him faster. the elephant starts crying loudly, seeing him all the animals start laughing at him.

After that he cried so loud, She comes out of his nose and the elephant is very scared to see her. He apologizes to her and says, “Forgive me. I will never disturb you. even I will never disturb any animal in this forest?”

Moral in this Story:- No-one is small or big. We should give equal respect and love to everyone. Everyone should live comfortably with love.


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