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12 famous Bedtime Stories for kids

Hello friends, Today we have brought some similar stories to you which you can listen to yourself and also tell your children. This is especially bedtime stories for kids. we all love to read stories and listen to stories and sometimes we get so lost in stories that we are not conscious of anything else.

There is a story related to the life of every human being. All these Moral stories are very funny stories. Some morals are also hidden in them. If you read these stories very comfortably, then you and your children can learn a lot from these stories.

We have brought you a collection of very good bedtime Stories for kids, in which we have given you about 15 Bedtime stories. I hope you like these stories.

So let’s dive into it and read these stories to your kids and if you like these stories, then please share them, so let’s start reading them.


TOP 12 Bedtime stories for kids



Lion & old Woman Funny Story




The Monkey and The Crocodile




The Lion and A Clever Rabbit




The Lion and The Foolish Donkey




Story of A Clever Cat – Stories For Kids


Three Little Pigs Story

Three Little pig Story



Best 4 Crow Stories – A Thirsty Crow Story



A.P.J Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiring Story – Birth To Death



Golden Elephant Story

The Golden Elephant Story for kids



White Elephant Story

The White Elephant | Story For Kids




story of an elephant

A Little Elephant and A Bad Boy




The Monkey and The Elephant


Which Story do you like the most please give your feedback to us? Right whatever you like on the comment box.

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