The Farmer and The Cow

This the famous The Farmer and The Cow story.  A farmer lived in a village. That farmer loved his cow very much and his cow would give him a lot of milk daily. All the money of the farmer came from cow’s milk. That is why he wanted his cow to be healthy forever. One day that cow became very sick and she did not even give milk to the farmer. 

The farmer thought that now that cow is not of any use to him, then why not leave this cow in the forest. The farmer left the cow in the forest and went away.  After some time, the cow wandered out of the forest and reached a small house. There lived a poor man in that small house. The poor man started taking care of that cow very much and in a few days, the cow became healthy. 

The Farmer and The Cow

The Farmer and The Cow

The cow gave him plenty of milk. The poor man sells the milk, in exchange for which he gets some money and feeds his family a treat. Now that poor man used to extract milk from cow every day and he used to sell milk in the market and earn good money every day. 

The farmer came to know about this, Who was the real owner of that cow. The farmer approaches the poor man and tells him that this cow is mine. Return this cow to me but the poor man does not agree, then the villagers take a decision. 

The two of you stand together and to whom this cow went first. That cow will be his. The cow herself chooses her owner and the cow goes to the poor man because the poor man, gave her a lot of love and took care of her. And the shopkeeper is happy and always takes care of her. 

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