Fox And Wolf Story

This is a famous Fox And Wolf Story. Once upon a time, a greedy gluttonous wolf lived with a small fox. He forced the fox to do all the hard work in the house all day and every day. One day the wolf was hungry. He decided to make fox get some food for him. The Wolf said him go and get me some food find me a juicy lamb. Fox went to a nearby farm. When the farmer wasn’t looking, He ran to the flock and stole a lamb. He took it back to the wolf. This lamb is tasty get me another said The wolf.

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The fox said I’ve already stolen one lamb and the farmer almost saw me. It’s too risky to go back. Nonsense get me another one said the wolf. Now quietly and carefully fox tiptoe back to the farm to steal another lamb but this time he couldn’t get away with it. The farmer saw him and began to beat him with a stick. Tired, hurt and hungry the fox went back home.

I’m sorry. The farmer caught me and beat me. I told you it was too risky. The next day the wolf demanded more food. This time I want pancakes to go and get me some pancakes. The farmer’s wife is baking pancakes today so. I will bring some to you. The fox jumped through the window of the farmer’s house and grabbed two pancakes with his teeth.

He jumped back out just in time. Right before the farmer’s wife saw him and came after him with a big stick. Fox said, here they are these are delicious. The wolf said, Bring me more. I can’t do that, the farmer’s wife has already seen me and she will beat me if she catches me.

The very next day wolf demanded to bring him even more food. This time fox had a plan. He said I know a place where the farmer stores all kinds of meat come with me and I’ll show you where to get it. The wolf said, Why should I go with you? The fox said, no one would ever be able to catch you. If I try to get the meat I’ll surely get caught but you will not. That’s right. I certainly won’t get caught. Let’s go Said the wolf. Fox led him to the farmer’s cellar in there. The farmer was already there as soon the farmer saw the wolf he caught him and the wolf never seen again.

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