Princess Stories Free Bedtime Stories

1. An Arrogant Princess

A princess lived in a kingdom. Her name was Lili. The princess was very arrogant. She lived in a very beautiful palace and live a luxurious life and on the other side, All the people of her kingdom were very poor. One day a poor man came to the princess, He told the princess that I have been hungry for a long time, please give me something to eat but the princess drove him away from her palace and did not give him anything to eat. In the night, while the princess was sleeping her hands got swollen and started looking like a potato.

The next day a witch came to meet the princess, the princess told her everything and showed her hands. The witch looked at the princess’s hand and told her that this has happened to her because you did not give that old man anything to eat and you also did not share anything with anyone. The princess realizes her mistake and apologizes to all the people of her kingdom and she started sharing her things with her kingdom.

2. The little Cinderella Story

This is a famous little Cinderella Story. It was a long time ago. A girl lived with her step-parents. she has two stepsisters also. Her parents and her sister got her to do all the household work. Her stepsisters and parents used to call her little Cinderella which means very dirty. she used to get cleaning, due to which her clothes always looked dirty. little Cinderella’s stepsisters used to jealous of her because she looked much more beautiful.

One day Cinderella’s parents held a feast at the house. Stepsisters of Cinderella said, do not come to this party because people will run away after seeing your dirty clothes. Cinderella was very keen to go to the party. That’s why she wore the old clothes of her stepsisters and reached the party. Cinderella looked so beautiful even in those old clothes. A prince also came to the party. He looked at Cinderella and kept looking at her.

A short time later both of Cinderella’s stepsisters saw Cinderella, Little Cinderella panicked and ran away from the party. Seeing Cinderella running, the prince also ran after her. When Cinderella was running, one of her shoes came out of her feet. The prince kept the shoe with him.

The prince asked his soldiers to wear this shoe to every girl in the kingdom and which girl’s foot would be fitted in this shoe. Bring that girl to me. The soldiers put the shoe on to all the girls in the kingdom. When Cinderella put that shoe, the shoe perfectly fit on her foot. Prince got married to Cinderella and Cinderella becomes the queen of the kingdom and they start living happily.

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