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Lion and Rabbit Story

Short Moral Story:- In the story, we will read the lion and rabbit Story. The lion who needlessly kill all the animals in the forest and we will read about how a clever little rabbit becomes the king of the whole forest.

The Lion And Rabbit Story 

There used to be many kinds of animals in a very dense forest. Among those animals, there was a lion which was very powerful. He goes out hunting every day and used to kill not one, not two, but many animals. All the animals in the forest were very upset by this.

All the animals gathered in one place and each one decided that they would all go to the king of the jungle and try to talk to him.

All those animals go near the cave. The lion came out of his cave. Seeing so many animals in front of him, He roared and said, what are you all animals doing outside my cave?

Nothing came out of the mouth of any animal. Then the leader of the animals bull dared to talk to comfortably.

He told the lion that you are the king of our forest and we all consider you as our king. But the way you kill all the animals in the forest, the number of animals in the forest will start decreasing day by day and if this continues then the day is not far away. when there will not be a single animal in the forest.

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The lion said “okay I will not kill anyone, but I have a condition you have to come to me as my food

Lion and rabbit story for kids

Lion and rabbit story for kids credit-

The animals had no other way. They accepted the condition of the lion and all went out of their homes in comfort. From the very next day, every morning an animal was sent to the lion’s cave so that he could eat it.

All the animals of the forest were Collect at one place every day and one of them was chosen so that it could be sent to the lion. Sometimes a goat child was sent and sometimes a deer was sent.

One day A rabbit turn came. The rabbit was the youngest and Brainy of all rabbits.

When the rabbit came to know that he was going to be the lion’s food today, the rabbit got into thinking. He sat under the tree and started thinking about how to save his life from the lion?

There was a water well near the tree. The rabbit was thirsty. The rabbit went to the well and looked inside the well. On seeing the well inside the well, there was an idea that came to his mind. The rabbit drank water and went towards the cave.

The lion was angry because the rabbit came too late. He said to the rabbit that who sent you, I am already so hungry.

The rabbit bowed his head and said very comfortably that you listen to me. All the animals in the forest knew that a small rabbit would not fill your stomach. So they sent six rabbits with me. We were a Total of seven rabbits. But when we were on our way to the forest, we found another lion. He ate the remaining six rabbits.

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Lion and rabbit story

Lion and rabbit story

The lion got angry on hearing of the rabbit. He asked the rabbit, who was the one who stopped you on the way, and what did he say, tell me the whole thing?

The rabbit told the lion that when we told him that we are for you to eat, he laughed. He said that “now I am the king of this forest and you all are my food and not his”.

When the lion heard all this from the rabbit, he asked the rabbit “where he lived. Take me there and I tell him, who is the real king of the forest? The rabbit reported that he lives inside a well. The lion said, take me to that well”.

The rabbit then takes the lion to the well and says. That second lion lives inside this well. When the lion looks inside the well, he sees his shadow in the water of the well. Seeing his shadow, he roars and jumps into the well.

The lion drowns in the well and dies. When the rabbit reaches the forest, he tells this story to the animals of the forest and says that we can now walk freely in this forest. Now we have no fear of any lion, all the animals are happy after seeing the courage of the rabbit.

All the animals of the forest together declare the rabbit as the king of the forest.

Moral of the story:- No matter how powerful someone is. If you use your mind well then you can beat anyone easily.

Challenge:- Why All the animals of the forest were upset?  Hope you liked the lion and rabbit story.

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