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The Lion Stroy with Moral lesson

lion stroy

These are the best lion stroy with good moral lessons. Here are the two short moral stories for you. “Monkey and the lion stroy” and “The elephant and the lion stroy”.

Monkey and Lion Stroy

Some monkeys used to live near a hill in a forest. One day a lion arrived there and captured a cave on that hill. The lion started living in his cave with his friend Jackal. One day some monkeys came to him and complain that we are having a lot of trouble due to you. Please you go from here.

Jackal said, why do we go away. What problem do you have? The lion told the monkeys that I will not disturb you till then. As long as you don’t disturb me.

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The monkeys started trying to drive the lion away. One day they tried to throw stones at the lion but he survived. The lion told the Jackal that I would not leave this cave. Now you will bring food and water to me. whenever the jackal comes with water or food, monkeys snatch it and throw it down the hill.

After some time the monkeys came to him and said that we bother you so much? Still, you do not say anything. you know that we throw your food down the hill but you still do not say anything to us?

The lion said that I am not upset with you but happy. You throw my food down the hill and other animals come to eat the same food and then I hunt them. Because of your hard work, I do not have to work hard in hunting.

Moral of the story:- Do not ever harm anyone?

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The Elephant and Lion Stroy

A lion lived in a forest. He was very powerful. All the animals in the forest were very afraid of him. But the lion was afraid to hear the rooster’s voice. Every morning when the rooster roared, the lion did not come out of his cave.

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An elephant saw him and asked, what happened why are you not coming out of your cave? The lion asked the elephant, you are so huge, is there anything that scares you? The elephant said that when a fly comes around my ear and makes a sound, I am very scared of it. I think that fly will enter my ear and I will shout in pain.

Hearing the elephant, he understood.  No matter how powerful someone is from outside, but everyone is afraid of something.

Moral of the story:-  There is definitely some fear of every human being in the world, that fear weakens life and most of the fears are useless.

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