Magic Pot Story

This is a famous story The magic pot. There was a little girl who lived in a village with her mother. One day she came out of the house and she went to a nearby tree and she was sitting under a tree. She was crying deeply and she was thinking about her village because they had no food to eat in the village. So everyone is very angry. She was feeling for that and she’s sitting under a tree and she’s crying deeply. Thereby an old woman passed She looks like a fairy. She crossed in that way and she saw the little girl crying under the tree and she came nearby her and she asked what happened child? Why are you crying?

Magic Pot Story
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The little girl replied to the old woman that in my village there is no food every member is very hungry. So I’m really feeling bad about that. What to do? The old woman said let me give you a magic pot. Take it to your home and hand it over to your mother and ask your mother to say these magical words and she said the magic word is “cook little pot cook”. When you say this word you will get enough food for your village. Later on, to stop cooking you have to say “stop little pot stop”. The little girl was very happy and she took the magic pot.

She went to the village and she met her mother. She gave this little magic pot to her mother and tell everything about the magic pot and the old woman. Her mother said, okay after finishing all my work I will do this. The little girl went out for playing. Her mother was waiting for her but she did not come the home. Her mother went nearby the magic pot and she touched the pot and said “cook little pot cook”.

After few minutes the pot starts cooking and the mother went out for calling the little girl. Later on, she came into the house and she saw if the pot is full of rice. The rice fell down all over the house and it comes out of the house also. All the village is covered by rice. The Little girl come back and she went inside the home and they said “stop little pot stop” then only the little pot stop cooking. Later, with that pot, she made her village very happy. Everyone ate the rice and they were very happy. The little girl realized that she failed to inform her mother that after the cooking she has to say “stop little pot stop”. So that she realized that we should not forget anything in our life. We have to keep it in our memory.

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