Farmer and The Magic Pot

The Magic Pot

Today we have brought a funny story for you called The Magic Pot. A farmer lived in a village. One day he was digging the ground with his ax. He gets a Pot from the ground. He picks up the pot. Putting the pot on the side he gets back into his work again. After some time the farmer went to eat his food. He put his ax in the pot and started eating.

After eating the food he saw that one of his ax which was kept in the pot. That ax was changed from 1 to 100. The farmer understood that this Pot is not a common but a magic Pot. He picks up that magic pot and keeps it at his house. 

Magic Pot

Magic Pot

Now whenever the farmer needs something, he put it in the magic pot and the Pot doubled it and returned it.  The farmer was not greedy at all, but some neighbors of the farmer started jealousy with him.

The farmer’s neighbors wanted to know how that farmer became so rich in a few days, then the neighbor of the farmer stood outside his house and they secretly saw everything. Both neighbors stole the farmer’s Magic Pot. One of the neighbors was so desperate to use the magic pot. He took the magic Pot to him and asked Is there was anything in the pot. 

To know this, he put his hand inside the pot. As he took his hand out of the magic pot. He saw that one of his hands has changed into a hundred hands. The neighbor was frightened to see his 100 hands. People were even more frightened to see his 100 hands. People drove him out of his village. In this way, the farmer gets his magic Pot back and the two neighbors are thrown out of that village.

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