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Mice and elephant story

In Mice and elephant story, we read about how because of elephants’ numbers of rats lost their life and then how the Gajraj help them. And when he Caught in a situation. then how rats helped him and save him. so let’s start reading this story.


Rat and The King Elephant Story

A long time ago a small river flowed in a dense forest. And m suddenly a time comes when there was very heavy rainfall and the river diverted it’s the way. The water of the river went to the other side due to which many animals die without water. 

There was no drinking water in that forest for the animals and upon seeing it, the forest became deserted.  Now that forest was left alone only for rats. Rats now ruled in that forest.  Rats started appearing everywhere. A few years passed and the forest again rained and formed a water tank.

A little away from that forest there was another dense forest.  elephants used to live in that forest and the king of those elephants was Gajraj.  Once there was a lot of drought in that forest.  All the elephants started dying.  Baby elephants die. All animals wander in search of water.

Gajraj was very sad to see all this.  He knew that no one would not be able to survive without water. One day crow, a friend of Gajraj, told Gajraj that there is a water fountain in the nearby forest where there is a lot of water. 

Gajraj was happy to hear this and asked all his companions to walk towards that forest.  All the elephants of the forest started walking towards that pond. They had to pass through a colony of rats to reach the pond.

When elephants passed through the colony of mice, thousands of mice lost their lives by coming under the feet of elephants.

The trouble did not end here.  A crew of elephants returned to their home by the same route and again thousands of mice lost their lives.

Now elephants used to come by the same route every day to drink water. And everyday mice would die. All the mice gathered in one place and they talked among themselves and said that we should talk to the king of elephants.  He is very kind.  He will definitely listen to us.

Rats went to the elephant forest. They saw Gajraj standing under a big tree and went to him. Rats climbed on top of a big stone in front and they told the elephant that we have brought a request to you.

Gajraj smiled and said to the mice, yes, say what do you want to request? The mice told him the whole thing and said that you come every day and thousands of our friends come under your feet and die.

If you and your partner change the path of your arrival then we can be saved. Gajraj was very sad to hear them and said, okay we will change our way.

The mice smile and said to Gajraj that you have helped us.  If you ever need help, please feel free to tell us.  We will definitely help you. And they went from there. Some time passed and one day suddenly some hunters arrived in the forest.  He started catching elephants, killing them.

Many animals were killed at the hands of those predators. Gajraj was very unhappy about all this and unhappy Gajraj was roaming in the forest. While walking, he got caught in the trap of poachers.

The elephant shouted loudly.  The mice heard the sound of his screaming.  When they reached there, they were surprised to see Gajraj in that situation. The mice told Gajra that we will help you. Because you also helped us.

The rats got together and with their sharp teeth cut the net of Gajraj And save Gajraj.

Moral of the story:- One should always help others.

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