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The Monkey and The Crocodile

The Monkey and The Crocodile A Short moral story- This is a story about the friendship of crocodile and a monkey how their friendship turns into enmity. At first, they both were very good friends of each other, but how the wife of the crocodile breaks their friendship.


The Monkey And The Crocodile Childhood Story

There were many animals living in a forest and there was also a river. A crocodile lived in that river. But now he was quite old there, due to which it was not able to hunt for himself very well. One day he got hungry very fast.

He tried to catch fish in the river but he did not catch a single fish. Exhausted, he came out to the bank of the river and fell asleep under a Berry tree.

There was a monkey sitting on the tree who was eating berries very comfortably. Hearing the scent of berries, the crocodile said to the monkey, “what are you eating brother, just feed me too”.

The monkey gives him berries. The crocodile asked him, what fruit it is. Then he says it is berries, brother eats it with fun.

Then he says to the monkey you are very good, will you be my friend. Then he replays him. Yes yes, why not from today both of us will remain friends.

The monkey said to him, whenever you feel hungry, you come to me. I’ll give you the berries. In this way, the crocodile kept coming to his tree for some days to eat the berries.

Both of them had become very good friends now. Sometimes the crocodile would come under the tree, sometimes the monkey would sit on the back of him and walk the river.


The crocodile says to his friend, “look, brother, I want to give delicious berries to my wife and my children too. Will you be able to pluck some berries that I can take to my house?”

The monkey ran to the tree and broke a lot of berries and gave them to him. The crocodile was very happy and walked towards his house with berries.

He says while giving berries to his wife. These Berries gave me my friend and these berries are very tasty.

Crocodile’s wife eats berries and says that these berries are really sweet and that your friend eats this Berries every day. So how sweet would he?

Then his wife says I have to eat the heart of your friend. I will enjoy it by eating it to his heart. The crocodile gets into thinking after hearing this about his friend.

He says that the monkey is a very good friend of mine. I can’t do this with him. Hearing this, his wife gets angry with him and says, If you can’t do that much for me, then I will leave home today.

The next day the crocodile arrives at the house of his friend and approaches him and says to the monkey, brother, you come to my house, today my wife has prepared very tasty food for you.

The monkey is overjoyed to hear this and he said why not brother I love delicious food, let’s go now and both of them get out of the river.

After a few minutes, when they are going through the river On the way the monkey asks crocodile brother, tell me what your wife has prepared for food?

crocodile got into thinking. He felt that perhaps he should tell all the truth to his friend

After a while, he looked at the monkey and said, “Look, brother, my wife does not want anything but your heart today and If she did not eat your heart today, she would leave the house and that is why I am taking you to her”.

The monkey was also much smarter.

Moral Story:- Lion & The Foolish Donkey

The monkey says, Hey brother, why didn’t you tell me this earlier? I had put my heart on the tree. If you had told me earlier, I would have brought it along. In this case, the crocodile says nothing.

We go to your house again and bring our hearts together. He says, okay as you like.

The crocodile brought him back to the tree as soon as both of them reached the tree. The monkey jumped and sat on the tree.

After sitting on the tree and he said, “Hey idiot, tell me whether a human being or an animal can live without a heart.” I considered you my friend and you betrayed me.

He said to the crocodile, now neither will you get my heart nor let the berries go from here.

The monkey put his mind at the right time to save his life and neither the crocodile will get the berries nor the friendship.

Moral of the story:-We should never panic in difficult times. Just like the monkey took the right decision with a calm mind, even in difficult times. In the same way, we should never panic in life and should face problems with a calm mind.

Challenge:- Why did the crocodile’s wife want to eat the monkey’s heart? Crack this in the comment box.


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