Pinocchio story

This is a famous Pinocchio story. Long ago in a small town, there lived an old carpenter named Gepetto. One day Gepetto met a little boy who was actually a toy made of wooden. He wishes the wooden boy were real and could live with him. It was nighttime, Gepetto went to sleep. Suddenly a blue fairy came and given the wooden boy a life. The fairy said to the boy puppet that he has to be a good child. In the morning when Gepetto woke up he saw the wooden boy become a real boy. He shouted with joy and with the louder of happiness. He said, welcome I will call you Pinocchio.

pinocchio story
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Gepetto dress Pinocchio, gave him some books, kiss him on the cheeks and send him to school to learn. When the school finished Pinocchio was coming home. On the way, he noticed that there was a puppet show in the square. He joined them and done so well that the puppet owner offered him five gold coins. He was amazed and only taught how Gepetto would be happy when he gave him the coins. Near the school, Pinocchio found two bad men. The two-man said to him, if he joined with them he will get a burger and ice cream Pinocchio said but I don’t have that much money.

They said to Pinocchio if he planted gold coins then the gold coins will grow into a lot of money. Pinocchio waits for the gold coins to turn into a money tree. After that two bad men make a trap for Pinocchio and he trapped in it “Somebody helped me” all of a sudden the blue fairy came and asked what happened to Pinocchio? How did you fall into this trap Pinocchio answered the fairy but he lied. After that, his nose began to grow longer and longer. He confused and he asked the fairy why is his nose growing longer? The fairy answered because you lie your nose will grow longer each time you lie. After that Pinocchio said the truth to the fairy and the nose comes back to the normal size. The fairy saves him from the bad guys.

But here are some new problems were waiting for Pinocchio. The circus owner has eyes on him and he tried to catch him. The circus owner wants to sell him because he was made of wood. When Pinocchio knows that he will be sold he ran away from the circus owner. He ran and jump right into the sea without the fear of being the trunk. As soon as Pinocchio jumped into the sea he started floating because he was made of wood. He was floating without putting much effort. When he reached his home he tells everything to the Gepetto and everything becomes all right. Hope You Like this Pinocchio Story.

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