Prince and Princess of Mermaids

1. Prince and Princess of Mermaids

There was a prince in a kingdom. One day he went towards the forest. On the way, a storm came and the prince separated from his soldiers. He was completely lost. Then suddenly he heard a sweet voice. The prince followed that sweet voice and in a short time reached a pond in the middle of the forest. He saw a girl talking to some fish. The prince went to the girl and told her about himself and then asked her about her.

She told The prince that I am the princess of all fish. The prince then told the fish princess how he got trapped in the forest. The prince was feeling hungry. The princess with her magic put food in front of the prince and the prince ate with great fervor. Then after some time, the princess told the prince that her soldiers are coming looking for you. You have to sit here and then go with them. The princess went underwater as soon as she said this and after some time the prince’s soldiers also came there and took the prince and the prince thanked the princess in his heart.

2. Beautiful Princess and Dragon

There was a king who had three daughters. The three princesses were very beautiful, but the third princess was beautiful as well as kind. Once the king was going to another kingdom, he asked his daughters, what do you want, then two princesses said that they need jewelry. The third princess said that all I need is a rose flower.

While the king was leaving, there was a storm on the way due to which all the king’s soldiers separated from the king. After separating from the soldiers, the king started wondering what he would do now. He thought, why not wait for the storm to stop. He started looking for a place to wait. After a while the king saw a fort, he went inside for it. The next day when the king woke up, he started coming back and saw that there were many roses in the garden and he remembered that his younger daughter had asked about rose from him.

He broke one rose. As he broke the rose flower, a dragon appeared and began to frighten him. The king is frightened and tells the dragon about his daughter that she has asked for a rose. Then the dragon said that if you want your well-being, then send your daughter here who has asked for this flower.

The king went back to his palace and told this to his three daughters. The youngest princess listened to her father and set out towards the fort. After going to the fort, she broke a rose and the dragon appeared in front of the princess. The dragon was talking to the princess very religiously. The princess is very happy to see that the dragon is very good by nature.

The dragon stayed with the princess. Time passed and the princess remembered her father. She told the dragon that she wants to meet her father, the dragon said that you can meet your father, but you have to come back in 7 days, otherwise, I will die on the eighth day.

Zhen the princess went to her father’s house, she found so much love there that she forgot the dragon. Then the day passed, when she remembered the dragon, she sets out for her father’s palace without telling him. When she reached the fort, she saw the dragons lying on the ground. After seeing the dragon on the ground princess thinks that he died and she went to him and started crying.

As the princess had a tear on the dragon. The dragon regains consciousness and transforms into a prince. The princess was surprised to see all this. The prince told the princess that there was a curse on him that has broken today. Then the fort turned into a beautiful palace and the prince and princess got married.


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