Princess and Parrot

1. Princess and Parrot

A king ruled a kingdom. He had nine daughters. The king had weak memory. So he named his daughters according to the months so that he would never forget their names. The name of the princesses was from January to September. When the princesses grew slowly, one day, the king called all the princesses and gifted them one parrot each.

The king loved his youngest princess the most. The other eight princesses were jealous of this. One day eight princesses called the youngest princess and said that you keep your parrot inside. If your parrot is lost or flees somewhere, the father will feel very bad.

The princess was stunned and locked herself and her parrot in the room and closed all the windows and doors. A few days have passed. The parrot and princess were weakened due to lack of sun and wind, and the parrot had stopped eating food.

A few days passed and the parrot died. The princess becomes very sad. The princess’s father was very sad to see her condition. A prince was also standing near the king. The prince liked the princess and asked the king for marriage with his daughter. The king was very happy and got the princess and the prince married. Prince gift the hundred parrot to the princess.

2. Princess and Her Magician Step-Mom

A princess lived in a kingdom. The princess was very beautiful. Her name was Lily. Her mother died in childhood. Her father remarried to take care of her. The second stepmother was very jealous of the princess. Princess’s step-mother had a magical mirror. Whenever she asked the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the world, the magical mirror said the name of the princess, Hearing this, the princess’s stepmother becomes jealous.

The stepmother thought why not kill the princess. She asked one of her soldiers to take the princess to the forest and kill her. A poisonous thorn in the forest pierced the princess’s leg and the princess unconscious. The soldier thought that the princess was dead and he came back. But the princess was still alive.

When the princess’s mother asked her magical mirror who is the most beautiful in the world, this time again the mirror took the princess’s name. The princess’s stepmother understood that the princess was still alive. She went to the forest and started looking for the princess. The princess’s mother turned into an old woman with her magical power and went to the princess and gave her an apple.

The princess put a piece of apple in her mouth and fainted. Suddenly A prince was passing from there. He saw that the princess was on the ground. prince go there and the Prince puts his hand in the princess’s mouth and took out a piece of apple from her mouth and the princess arose. The princess liked the prince very much. The Prince also falls in love with the princess and they both got married.

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