Princess and The Dragon

1. Princess and The Dragon

A princess lived in a kingdom. No one from the kingdom liked that princess because she was very bad. She used to harass everyone. That princess was different from the rest of the princesses. The princess would sometimes leave an elephant behind someone, sometimes the dog, but while doing all this, the princess was now very bored.

She thought that now something new should be done to disturb people. Then one day a witch came to her. The witch tells the princess that there was a cave in a mountain where a dragon lives. The princess thought why not bring that dragon to her kingdom and disturb the other people. She went to the cave of the dragon and the princess meet the dragon.

When the princess talked to the dragon, she found that the dragon is very calm. He is a good dragon who does not want to trouble anyone. The princess thought that he is an animal and does not want to trouble anyone, and I am a human being but I have done a lot wrong with people.

The princess realizes her mistake she leaves the dragon in the same cave and returned to her kingdom and apologizes to everyone. The princess never bothered anyone and everyone became happy with the princess.

2. The Prince Arjuna

There was a king. He was very kind. He had a daughter who was very arrogant. The princess was very proud of her beauty. she did not feel any more beautiful than herself.

The king did not like this behavior of the princess at all and finally, the king decided that he would get the princess married. The king invites many princes from different kingdoms. Among all the princes there was a prince named Arjuna. The king announced that whoever enters first into the palace on tomorrow morning, I will get my daughter married to him.

The next day a beggar came to the king’s palace. The princess refused to marry a beggar. But the king did not listen to the princess and got her married. After marrying she moved in with the beggar. The beggar sent her to Prince Arjuna’s house as a servant because there was a need for a servant because the prince was also going to get married.

One day the princess was working, when she saw the prince. The prince was the one whom the princess insulted. The princess realizes her mistake and apologizes to the prince. The prince forgives the princess and reveals that the beggar with whom she has been living for days is in fact the prince Arjuna.

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