Princess Who Never Smiled

It was a long time ago. There was a king. The king had one daughter. The king’s daughter never used to laugh. The king was always sad when the princess would laugh. One day he made an announcement in his kingdom. Whichever person will make the princess smile. I will get him married to the princess and make him the next king too.

Prince came from different states but no one could make the princess laugh and all returned to their kingdom. There used to be a laborer near the state. He worked for a full month and when his boss gave him money in the last, he used to take only ₹ 100 coins from his boss. He was very kind.

The laborer went to a well to drink water but by mistake, he dropped that ₹ 100 coins into that well. Then next month his boss gave him money and the laborer took only ₹ 100 from his boss and then went to drink water and this time also his ₹ 100 accidentally fell into that well. This time the laborer jumped into that well and he got both those coins and came out of the well.

The laborer thought that he would now buy something from these counts only when a cobbler came in front of him. He said that I have not eaten anything for 2 days, so the labor gave him a coin of ₹ 100. Then a little blacksmith came in front of him and said that I had not eaten anything for a long time, then the labor gave his second ₹ 100 coins to him.

Then The worker went ahead. After going a little further, the laborer slipped and fell into the mud. At that time, the princess was passing by. The princess looked at the laborer and started laughing loudly. Seeing the princess laugh, everyone was surprised.

The princess took at the labor and fall in love with him. The princess took the laborer with her and after taking her to the palace, she told her father everything. The king was very happy to see the princess laughing and he happily got the princess and laborer married.

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