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5 Best Short Bedtime Stories for boys

Short Bedtime Stories for boys


Never to give up.

A poor farmer lived in a small village. That farmer had a donkey. One day that farmer’s donkey fell into a well. The donkey kept crying for hours and the farmer kept wondering what to do? 

The farmer used to love his donkey very much, but now he was old.  That is why the farmer decided that I will put soil in this dry well and bury the donkey in it. He called all his neighbors there and said to put mud in it. 

He started throwing mud all over the donkey.  After a while, when they looked inside the well, they were surprised to see that the donkey had removed the soil above it and stood on it. He slowly started pouring mud on him and the donkey removed the soil from his top and stood on it.  After a while, the donkey comes out of the well and everyone is happy. 

On seeing the donkey, the farmer became happy and wept for joy and Hugged his donkey.

Moral of the story:- Life tries to pour mud on us in every way.  But is it up to us to make our life successful using that soil and never give up?


The wise man

An old man lived in a small village.  He was the eldest and most intelligent and sensible in the village. If there were any problems in the village, people used to go to him to find a solution to their problems. That old man helps everyone. One day there was a drought in the village and many people came to the old man to find a solution to the problem. 

The old man smiled and said, wait for the rain. The next day the villagers again came to him and started talking about the drought.  He said again, no problem.  Wait for the rain.  Many days passed and know so many villagers started coming to the old man with the same problem every day.

The old man asked all the people to gather in one place when all the people gathered together, the old man told them a joke, and hearing the joke all the people started laughing very loudly.

Two minutes later, the old man told the same joke to the villager. This time only a few people laughed. Then for the third time, the old man told the same joke, and this time no one laughed.

The old man smiled and said, You cannot listen and laugh at the same joke again and again. So why do you cry again and again over the same problem?

Moral of the Story:- Worrying won’t solve your problems.  This will only waste your energy and your time, so don’t worry.


Value yourself

The old man of a small village took out a 2000 note in front of all the people of the village and said, who needs this note.  Everyone raised their hands and said we want this note.  We want this note. He said that there are many people who want this note, so I will do something else. 

He put mud on the note and repeated his question again and this time also people raised their hands and said that we want this note. For the third time, he dropped the note on the ground and put his foot on it and then said, who needs this note now?

All the people who were there wanted to get that note.  On seeing everyone, The old man said that, after seeing what I did with this note, you still want this note!

He said that you all want to get this note because whatever I did with this note, the value of this note was not reduced.

That is why it is important to always give yourself importance, whether there is any problem or any bad situation.

Moral of the story:- Trust yourself, give yourself value If you give yourself value, then people will consider your valuable?


Way to Achieve Goal

There lived a master’s in a small village named Mohan. One day sitting there under a tree and watching his students practicing. There was a man among the students in whom Master got an eye.

The master looks at the man and notices that he is working on his technique, but is unable to concentrate on his technique because he feels uncomfortable with the rest of the students.

He went to the man and placed his hand on his shoulder. The master smiled and questioned the man.  What is bothering you? I do not know why I am not able to do this technique.  Why can’t I get this technique even after my lakhs of attempts?

The master said that if you want to do this technique, then you have to understand this technique first.  Come with me I tell you how you can do that! The master took the man to a small river in the forest and pointing towards the stream said, Look, that stream! see there are so many big rocks are in its way?”

This stream of water will not break the rocks but will come out from the side of the rocks.  Be like water, you will know what is your weakness? The man understood the master’s point and went back to his place.  This time he focused his attention on his technique and not on the other children, and this time the man was successful in his technique.

Moral of the story:- If you want to achieve your goals then, focus your attention on those goals and not on others.


 What are the Abilities?

A camel lived with his mother in the desert.  One day while he was taking a bath on the river, he asked his mother why is our back so high?

The mother thought for a while and then told her child that we live in a desert where it is very difficult to get water and this back helps us in saving water and keeps us alive. Then that child asked his mother one more question and asked, why do we have long legs with round feet? The mother smiled and said that this leg helps us to walk in the sand.

Then the child asked another question and asked why our eyelids are so big? Mother replied that it helps us to protect our eyes from sand when a storm comes in the desert.

The child asks his mother with great innocence that if we have all these abilities to survive in the desert then why are we kept in the zoo?

Moral of the Story:- God has given us space according to our abilities. We should not take anyone else from his place to any other place. rather it is animals or humans.