A Short Moral Story In English

A Short Moral Story In English – The Lion And Rat 

There was a lion in the forest. The Lion was Very powerful. One day The lion was sleeping comfortably in a forest and a rat was going out of its way. 

The rat wondered why not to have some fun with the lion. The rat jumped on the lion’s back.

The lion woke up from sleep, and angrily grabbed the rat, And said, Now I will not leave you. I will eat you. The rat started crying loudly. The rat folded both hands in front of the lion and said please forgive me. One day I will definitely help you. Hearing this, the lion started laughing loudly. The lion forgives the rat.

A Short Moral Story In English

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A few days later, Some hunters had laid a trap in the forest. The lion was wandering in the forest comfortably and the lion fell into that trap. The lion started crying loudly.  Help! Help!

The Rat heard the lion’s voice. He saw the lion trapped in a trap. The rat cuts the trap with his sharp teeth and saves the lion. After that, both of them become very good friends. 

The Lion and Rat Story Video | Short Moral Story In English

What are moral stories?

Moral Stories means the stories which told us good values after reading them. Good values are called moral. The moral stories are good to tell the kids because these are the best way to give them good values.

What are some good morals for a story?

every story has a moral in it however the story could be your own life story and any fairy tale. Here are the Ten good morals for a story.
Do not cheat.
Always tell truth.
Unity has strength
Treat everyone as you want to be treated.
keep your promises.
Don’t chase happiness enjoy your life.
Give values to other
Respect everyone.
Always use your Brain.
Greed is bad.