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Amazing Short Story About Dragon 2020

Short Story About dragon and the princess. In this story, A Princess defeat a bad king with her bravery and she got the win in the battle. Then the bad king took the help of a magician and the magician take her mom and dad with him. Now let’s see how the dragon helped the princess to free her mom and dad from the magician and the bad king. So let’s start reading this interesting stories.


1. Story About A Dragon And The Princess

A king ruled in a kingdom, The king’s name was handy, all the people loved him very much. The king’s wife’s name was Chandra Kumari. Many years had passed since the marriage of the king and queen but they were not having any children, due to which they were very unhappy. 

The king and queen used to visit the temple.  Prayed to God to bless them with a child. God listened to them both.  And the queen gave birth to a beautiful girl. 

The queen and the king named their daughter Meera. When the people of the kingdom came to know that the king had a daughter, they all became happy and started sharing sweets and celebrating. 

The princess had grown up after a few years. The princess was very dear to the king. The king also taught his daughter horse riding and swordplay and gave many types of education to her daughter. 

Many years had passed, now the princess had become a skilled warrior. All was going well in the state. All the people and the king or queen were happy and the princess was also happy. Suddenly one day a minister of the king brought a message to the king that the neighboring kingdom was going to attack him very soon.

On hearing the news, the king called all his soldiers and said that war is going to take place. But the king’s wife stopped the king. His wife said that now you are old and now you cannot fight. 

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The king got into thinking that if I do not fight, then who will do it? Then he said to the princess that, you fight and lead the army. The princess agreed to battle.  She went to war in place of the Maharaja and fearlessly stood in battle and defeated everyone and she won the battle in a very short time.

story about dragon

When the princess returned to her kingdom after winning the war, All the people of the kingdom celebrated their happiness like the Indian famous festival Diwali. on the other hand, the neighboring king was very sad and upset about losing at the hands of a female.

The neighboring king was upset because he knew that he alone could not defeat the princess and her army.  That is why he sought help from one of his cousins. His brother was a magician. His name was John. Together the two brothers made a plan that they would enter the palace and capture both the king and queen and then they rule in the kingdom. 

John was a Magician, so he used his magic power and disappeared himself and entered the palace. John sneaks into the king and queen’s room and captures them with his magic power

The princess and her soldiers came there.  they tried hard to get the king and queen out, but they could not succeed in it. John told the princess that we will leave your mother and father, but for that, you will have to give all your kingdom to my brother and me. 

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A soldier told the princess that a dragon lives behind a distant mountain.  Maybe he can help us to save the king and queen.

Upon hearing this, the princess set out on the mountain-side to meet the dragon. Through the middle of the forest, the princess arrived a few days later near the mountains where the dragon lives. 

There was a cave between the mountains where the dragon used to live. The princess went inside the cave and pleaded with the dragon to assist her in rescuing her parents. Seeing the princess’s innocence, the dragon takes pity on her and is ready to help her. 

Dragon said that I was very happy to see your innocence, You are very innocent so I must help you. Hearing this, the princess is happy and returns to her kingdom with the dragon.  

Dragon broke the doors of the prison with his tail and got the king and queen released from prison. The dragon fires with his mouth, which the magician is scared to see.

Fearing the magician, started running from there.  Then the soldiers captured him and took him in the prison. After that, The King, The Queen, The Dragon, and The Princess stay together in there kingdom. And the kingdom returned to happiness as before.

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2. Story of Dragon and The Girl

Story of Dragons

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Priya.  She went to an island to celebrate her summer vacation and that island was very beautiful. 

One day, while taking a bath in the seawater she went to another part of the island.  she went there and saw that there was no human in that part of the island. 

There was only a small boat there. she started thinking that there is no human here, so where did this boat come from? 

Only then she heard that someone crying.  She looks around.  She also makes a sound but does not see anyone. She thinks that there is no one here, but then where is the voice coming from? Then she feels that this voice is coming from the boat. she goes and looks at the boat, but there is no one. 

At the same time, the boat started moving on water. The sound comes from the boat, “For a long time I was waiting for someone who helps me. But I have not found anyone and you have met today, so will you help me?” 

Priya asks the boat, how are you speaking then the boat tells Priya that I too was a human being just like you. I came to visit this island a long time ago. At that time, while walking, I reached an island cave. 

A huge box was placed inside the cave. As soon as I opened the box, I saw a lot of treasure inside it. Seeing so much treasure, I got tempted, so I thought why not take a few out of it, then there was a light in the cave and I was changed into the boat because of That cursed.  

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Boat says that I want you to help me and make me human again.  After a very long journey, they arrive at a small island. boat tells Priya that you go inside the cave and from there you have to find the treasure yourself.

When she goes inside the cave, she sees that a dragon is sleeping there. She is scared to see the dragon. The dragon hears Priya’s feet and gets up. The dragon tells Priya why you have come here?.

Dragon Said, Go away from here otherwise, it will not be good for you. Priya tells the dragon that I have come here to find a treasure. 

Dragon says that I too have been here for many years for that treasures. But I have not found that treasure till today. Let’s find both of us together.

After a while, the dragon’s footfalls on a stone, and a box comes out of the ground. Both of them become happy after seeing the box. As Priya pulls out a little treasure from the box, and after that boat turns into the girl and the dragon turns into a boy.

The boy and the girl both say thanks to Priya and then they divide the treasure among themselves and go to their respective homes happily.

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