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10 Best Story About Elephant To Tells Your Kids

10 Amazing Story About Elephant To Tells Your Kids. Whenever you want to teach your kid something about new, there is nothing better than a story, and today we are talking about bedtime stories which are even better than common stories. Not one story, not two but 10 elephant stories for kids.

10 Amazing Story about Elephant in English

Friends, today we have brought the best Story about an elephant for you and your kids. In every story, you will get to learn something new by reading. Friends, animals are very cute to children. That is why we have brought for you the best elephant stories which will prove to be very good for children, which your children will surely like.

Your kid will get a lot to learn about good values from these stories. These stories are very popular and famous and hope that you will like these too, let’s start and if you like anything about this story collection please share them with your friends. Thank you.

10 Elephant stories for kids


1.) The Elephant and The Ant Moral Story

Elephant and Ant Story

An elephant lived in a forest which was very bad. His name was Jumbo. He did not consider other animals of the forest as anything. and Jumbo always harassed other animals. One day Jumbo was crossing a small river and He sees a parrot sitting on a tree.

He tells that parrot, that, “hey parrot salutes me because I am your boss, Parrot laughs at him”, so he throws parrot’s house so that the parrot does not sit on that tree again. Seeing so much, the parrot starts crying and says that “you are very bad to see that one day you will also cry and no one will help you”.

Hearing this, he says, “am I so big? Who can hurt me, and he moves” and then he went to drink water. After a few hours, Jumbo saw a house of mud in which an ant used to live in. The ant’s Name was Roma. Roma used to roam In the forest every day to eat something and return to her house in the evening.

Something similar happened on one day also. Jumbo filled his trunk with water and threw it on Roma, which caused her to get wet and her food also fell and she got very angry after seeing this. Full Story


2.) The White Elephant Story

white elephant stories

Once upon a time, A king named Birbal. He considered himself very clever. But people considered him foolish. A cloth washer lived in that same village. He was an expert at making any clothes glow white. One day a potter comes to him and He said to cloth washer that, “our king has called me yesterday.

That is why I don’t want to put my dirty clothes before you go to the king. Please clean it up and I will come back tomorrow”. Washerman cleans his dirty clothes and those clothes turn absolutely white. The next day potter man comes to her. He sees that all his clothes are white. He starts fighting with the washerman. He says I will see you.

He goes to the king. king looks at his clothes and says “Oh, your clothes are very clean. Who has washed your clothes, potter thinks that this is the right time”. He tells, “A cloth washer lives in our village. He can make anything white. You have been thinking for a long time that a white-colored elephant should be taken. This washerman can make anything white. That will make him white”. full story


3.) Monkey and The Elephant Friendship | Moral Story

elephant stories

Once upon a time, In a huge forest, all animals of that forest lived together in love. An elephant and a monkey were live together & both were good friends. They used to share whatever they find in to eat, but there was also a fox who did not like a friendship between these two.

Clever fox planned to separate them from each other. The fox thought that if they both were to separate from each other, they would have to befriend them. One day the elephants and monkeys are bathing in a small pond.

After a while, the clever fox also reaches there and She asked them. How are you? Then both of them look at each other and say that we have never seen you before, who are you? The fox started cracking good jokes, but they both did not like her words and they left from there.

They talk to each other that, maybe she is talking to us intentionally. It may have hidden its advantage behind it. For the next few days, they both used to go to that same pond again, and fox kept talking to them. full story 


4.) A Little Elephant and A Bad Boy

story of an elephant

There was a very nice town near the city. The name of that town was Zomba. Where the people of Zomba were also very good and that town was very beautiful. People used to come from far and wide to visit there. There was also a great park for a walking tour.

Everyone in the town thought that to make the town even better, they should also bring some animals to the park so that people from far and wide would come and admire our work. They think that people will love animals. they saw some cute pictures of elephants and People formed a small team and they went to a zoo nearby and brought an Elephant and kept him in their town park.

That baby Ele was very naughty but was very cute! People used to come from far away to see that Baby and used to bring something for him to eat. The Baby Elephant was very happy in that park because he also used to play with kids.

One day some mischievous children come to see the Baby. He noticed that people are feeding the baby Ele something. One of those three boys had a banana. The naughty boy told his friends, I will put a small stone inside the banana. Then let’s see how it eats this as well. full story 

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5.) Story Of A Golden Elephant

golden elephant stories for toddlers

Once upon a time. A farmer named Sonu lived in a village somewhere. Sonu was very poor but he was also very hardworking. He used to work hard to feed his children and his wife at home. One day when he went to his village in search of work, he saw a golden elephant in the forest.

That golden elephant was trapped in a trap. Farmer with great difficulty freed him from that trap. As soon as he came out of that trap. He said to Sonu, “you have helped me. I give you one of my gold teeth that you will get money by selling and you will be able to live your life happily and if you ever need me, feel free to tell me”.

Sonu sold that golden tooth, Which cost him a lot of money, and with that money, he paid off people’s debts. Sonu went to the forest again the next day. Sonu said, “all my money is gone. Can you help me?” The elephant Again gave him one of his teeth and Sonu comes back home with that tooth” full story 

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6.) The Elephant and The Rabbits 

Elephant and The Rabbits 

A Group of elephants lived near a pond in a very dense forest.  There had plenty of water, But after some time the water of the pond started drying up. All the elephants gathered together and started talking among themselves. they said that we have no other choice. 

We have to get away from this place now.  Without water, our children will die.  We need to find some other water spots. After thinking for a while, an old one said, I know a place where there is plenty of water.  That place is only a short distance from here.  We all go there. They all started walking the next morning. 

It will also take almost 5 days to reach that lake.  When they reached near the lake, they saw.  There was a lot of water in that lake.  they all became very happy and all are agreed to settle there. There were many holes in the ground near the lake in which rabbits lived.  An elephant became very happy about seeing the water and without thinking, he jumped into the lake.  full story 

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7.) The Bird and The Elephant Story

The Bird and The Elephant Story

A bird lived with her husband on a tree in a very dense forest.  She had given some eggs and she was waiting for her children to come out from the eggs.

Some time passed and one day she was sitting on the eggs and her husband was going to make arrangements to eat as usual. Just then, an angry elephant came and broke the surrounding trees with his feet.  If any tree came in front of him, he would break it.

The elephant came under the bird tree while start plucking the trees. That tree was very strong.  The elephant tried hard to break that tree but failed to break it and finally went away. The tree was not broken, but the bird’s nest fell on the ground and all its eggs broke. Seeing her burnt eggs, the bird became very sad and started crying loudly. 

All the animals around also started seeing her. Then her husband arrived there. The bird told her husband everything.  Her husband also got very angry and became very sad.  Then both of them decided that we would teach the elephant a lesson.  full story

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8.) Blind Men and The Elephant Story

blind men and an elephant

That was a long time ago.  There used to be six blinds in a small village somewhere. Being blind, they could never see this world well. one day both of them were sat under a big tree. Then the people of the village started running from here to there in happiness. Then one of them asked the villager, what happened, why is everyone running away from here and why are they so happy?

Then some villagers told him that the elephant has come into the village today and we are all going to see that elephant. He told his five companions that elephant has come in the village today, so why don’t we also go to that elephant.

They all became very happy because they had heard the name of the elephant till today.  But they never see the elephant. Because of their blindness.

They decided that even though we cannot see the elephant.  But we can feel it.  We will feel him by touch and find out what he looks like in reality. full story

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9.) Story Of A Foolish Elephant 

story of a  foolish elephant

There used to be an elephant named Jambo in the dense forest. His body was strong and muscular.  Whenever it looked at him, the jackals living in the forest would get water in their mouths.  They wanted to kill him and make him their food. But it was not very easy to control and kill a huge and strong animal.

In the jackal’s crew, there were the smartest and oldest jackals. He gathered all the crew together and said that if you want to eat this elephant, then I have an idea. With which we can kill this elephant and eat it mass comfortably for many days.

They are all ready.  The old jackal told them a plan. According to the plan, some jackals went to the elephant and bowed to him and said, hello king how are you? 

Hearing himself the king, the jumbo got shocked and said, Who are you, why have you come to me and why are you calling me The king? full story

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10.) Mice and The Elephant Story

mice and the elephant

A long time ago a small river flowed in a dense forest. And suddenly a time comes when there was very heavy rainfall and the river diverted it’s the way. The water of the river went to the other side due to which many animals die without water. 

There was no drinking water in that forest for the animals and upon seeing it, the forest became deserted.  Now that forest was left alone only for rats. Rats now ruled in that forest.  Rats started appearing everywhere. A few years passed and the forest again rained and formed a water tank.

A little away from that forest there was another dense forest.  elephants used to live in that forest and the king of those elephants was Gajraj.  Once there was a lot of drought in that forest.  All the elephants started dying. Baby elephants die. All animals wander in search of water. full story

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