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St George and The Dragon Story

St George and The Dragon Story – The man The legend

Somewhere in a small village, there lived a boy named George. George was a very clean and calm hearted boy. He lived in the village with his father and mother. He loved his father very much but at the age of 15, he lost his father and he missed his father very much he also wrote poetry for his father.

His father died. Shortly after the father’s death, his mother also died, he lost his parents. One day George went to the king’s palace to meet the king of the kingdom. He goes to the king and says that I have come to ask you for help.  The king says what kind of help George tells him that 3 years ago I lost my father and now my mother has gone away from me.  She is also dead. 

The king sympathizes with George and said that tells me what can I help you with?

He said to the king that my father was your soldier, then the king asks loudly really? what was the name of your father john tells the name of his father ( His name was Krish. And on hearing the name king goes to the Chowk and asks George are you his son really?  

St George and The Dragon Story - The man The legend

King tells George that Krish was the strongest warrior of my army.  He had saved my life many times. And he was also very honest.

On hearing this George tells the king. I want to come and join your army, then the king happily keeps it in his army. after a time, the king appointed George as his commander.

Spend time, but suddenly the king’s minister brings the news that a dragon has been captured in a nearby village.  He is sitting near the river and is not allowing anyone to carry the water of the river and in such heat, water is very important.

Minister tells the king that if anyone goes to get water near the river, the dragon kills and consumes it.

One day the daughter of the Chief of State. reached near that river, while playing.

The dragon saw her and started moving towards her. Seeing such a big monster, the girl got scared and shouted loudly.  The sound of her shouting was heard by George who was walking in the forest. Chasing her voice, he gets there. 

On reaching there, he asked the girl, what happened then why is she screaming so fast. The girl pointed towards him and said, see how big he is there and he is coming here to eat me.

He backs the girl and says. I fight with this dragon and the girl said that this is not ordinary. It can remove fire from its mouth and it is very dangerous. How can your smallest sword defeat such a big dragon, George says no problem. I do a try.

George swings his sword towards the dragon and the dragon’s attention is drawn to John. he attacks George with his long tail but he fails. 

The dragon again attacks him with his long tail but he again saves his life.  than dragon fires from his mouth and tries to kill him.  But he also saves himself from dragon fire.

After that, George threw his sword towards the dragon. The sword penetrated directly into the dragon’s mouth. Because of which the dragon died. No one believed at first that the dragon was dead, but when they saw the dead body of a dragon, everyone started celebrating.

All the people of the village thanked George with folded hands. And then he said to the people of the village that know all of you could happily go to the river and get water.



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