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Story of An Elephant | Little Elephant and A Bad Boy

This is a new story about an elephant. In which a baby elephant lived in a park and one a day three bad boys came there and they tease the baby elephant and how the baby elephant took revenge and how they become friends of each other?


Story of An Elephant and A Bad Boy


There was a very nice town near the city. The name of that town was zomba. Where the people of zomba were also very good and that town was very beautiful. People used to come from far and wide to visit there. There was also a great park for a walking tour.

Everyone in the town thought that to make the town even better, they should also bring some animals to the park so that people from far and wide would come and admire our work.

They thinking that people will love a baby Elephant. People formed a small team and they went to a zoo nearby and brought an Elephant and kept him in their town park.

That baby Elephant was very naughty but was very cute! People used to come from far away to see Baby Elephant and used to bring something for him to eat. Baby Elephant was very happy in that park because he also used to play with kids.

One day some mischievous children come to see Baby Elephant. He noticed that people are feeding the baby Elephant something. One of those three boys had a banana. The naughty boy told his friends, I will put a small stone inside the banana. Then let’s see how it eats this as well.

He secretly placed a stone in a banana and fed it to Baby Elephant. Baby Elephant began to eat her food comfortably and the three started seeing him.

story of an elephant and a bad boy

As soon as the elephant started eating a banana, suddenly a stone was put on its mouth.

Seeing him, all three children started laughing. Seeing them baby Elephants became very angry. He started looking at the three boys and the three boys went away laughing.

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The next day was the birthday of that naughty boy. His mother gave him a new shirt in the gift and he wore that shirt and went to play. Baby Elephant’s eyesight reached him as soon as he reached the park. My Elephant thought it was bad with me yesterday.

Today I should teach a lesson to you so that it will never be bad with anyone again. He saw a mud pit nearby. Elephant went quietly. He picked up the dirty water and threw it at the boy. The boy ran away and started crying to his friends and started saying. I had a new shirt and that elephant spoiled my new shirt. What do I do now?

Baby elephants did not like seeing that boy crying. He started telling himself. Oh man, I have done it wrong. Let me clean its dirty clothes.

Baby elephants went to the nearby flowing river. He filled his trunk with water and threw clean water in the boy’s clothes, which caused mud to come out of his clothes. But now that the boy was wet, Baby Elephant filled the air in his trunk and release the air in his clothes, which also dried his clothes.

The boy says to Baby Elephant, forgive me. I did you wrong. The elephant forgives him and shakes his hand with the boy.

The boy says Wait 2 minutes and brings a banana and he gives the banana to that Elephant and they become friends and hang out together.


Challenge:- How the elephant clean the boy’s clothes? Crack this in the comment box.

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