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Top 3 Short Story of An Dragon

Story of An dragon and the star, In this story a little star named tiny went to earth and after a few times, he reached earth. Tiny arrived in a small village. Everything starts burning around him because of his heat, all the people started running to save there life tiny feel bad after seeing this and went to the forest. In that forest tiny see a dragon who was going to kill a child. Tiny uses his power and attack on the dragon and he defeats the dragon and saves that child. So let’s start reading this beautiful story of An dragon and a little star.

Story of An Dragon and Star

A star named tiny used to live far away from the Earth. Tiny was a very naughty star.  Whenever he had friends take asleep, he would move around and roam the universe.

One day Tiny reached a star while wandering.  He asked him why are you so shiny? Then the star told Tiny that I am so bright so that the people of earth can see me and get their direction.

Tiny asked him where is the earth? The stars told Tiny that there are so many children there that I am happy to see them. Tiny asked the star, can I go to Earth, then he said that no, every star has a place. 

We can not live on earth. After saying this, the bright star fell asleep. Seeing the star sleeping, tiny thought that there are many children on earth, so why don’t I also go with them.

Talk and play with them. Tiny used all his power and walked towards the earth. A few times passed and he came to Earth. Tiny arrived in a small village on the earth as soon as he stepped into the village. everything starts burning around him. Seeing the fire, all the people started running around and started saying.

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Save your life and run away from here. Just then, Tiny’s eye fell on the young children who were playing.  Tiny thought, why don’t I also go and play with them, started moving towards them, but the flames surrounded those children.

The children started running around screaming and seeing this, Tiny became depressed. Tiny went to an open field and sat on a stone and started thinking that no one was playing with me.

Everyone is afraid of me. Just now Tiny heard the voice of a child. The child was screaming for help because a dragon was lying behind it. Tiny thought that he would help the child. he went to the dragon and stood in front of him.

The dragon smiled upon seeing Tiny.  The dragon opened fire from his mouth towards Tiny. But Tiny himself was made of fire, so nothing happened to the dragon’s fire. 

Now tiny attacked the dragon. Tiny fires the dragon and the dragon dies. The child became happy after seeing this and told Tiny that after today we are friends. You can come to see me anytime. and play with me. Time was very happy to hear this and went back home.

Challenge:- Why did all the children run away afraid of Tiny? Crack it on the comment box.

Story of The Three-Headed Dragon 

There used to be a princess named Indu somewhere in a state. The nature of the princess was very good.  She was a very kind and nice girl. All the people in the kingdom loved the princess very much. Not only the people of the state but also the animals also loved the princess very much.

One day princess mind wanders.  She goes for a walk on the top of a mountain with her father. The princess likes the mountain very much. she asks her father that there is such a beautiful mountain.

She asks her father, why didn’t we come to this mountain before today? The princess’s father tells the princess that it is far from our border.  That is why we have never been here before and even today you have insisted that is why we have come to this mountain.

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The princess speaks to her father, no matter how far from our border, but I like the mountain very much. At that time the princess starts walking in the mountain.  It is morning to evening.

But the princess does not get tired and wanders in the mountain. she has liked that mountain very much. After a while, when they start preparing to leave for that palace, then a very strong thunderstorm starts there. 

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Nobody sees anything due to the storm and they get separated from each other. The king takes everyone’s name one by one and asks if all is well, everyone answers one by one but the princess does not answer. The king gets very upset.

Because of the storm, The princess separated from her soldier and her father.  When the storm stops, the king and his soldiers start looking for the princess. The king and the king’s soldiers try hard to find the princess, but the princess is unaware.

 The king becomes very sad and comes back to his palace. The king sends some soldiers in the mountain every day to find his daughter, but no trace of the princess is found.  The king becomes very depressed.  Likewise, many days pass.

At one place, the king is sleeping in his chamber that he gets a terrible voice from outside the palace.  When he comes out of the palace, he sees a dragon with three heads in front of him and he shocked.  He would never have seen such a dragon before today.

The king is about to order his soldiers to kill the dragon when the princess comes out of the dragon’s back and hugs her father. The king asks his daughter where did you go and what are you doing with this dreaded dragon?

The princess tells her father that we had fallen down the mountain and fainted when a strong storm came. And this dragon saved my life and took me to his cave.

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The king thanks the dragon and the dragon speaks no problem, everyone is shocked and scared to see that he speak. The princess tells her father that there is nothing to fear. I was also scared at first. 

But when it did nothing to me, I came to know that it is a very good dragon. The princess asks her father to include him in his army so that no kingdom can attack us.

The king agrees, but he thinks why not test this dragon. The dragon tells the king, what test can I take out of my mouth and destroy half of your enemies and save your kingdom. He tells the kings that among the few soldiers outside, a soldier is our enemy and finish it. 

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The dragon agrees to the king and comes out.  He stares at all the soldiers. After starring all the soldiers around, the dragon comes back to the king and says that all the soldiers are your enemies outside.  If you say that I kill everyone.  The king gets angry on hearing this.

The king says that they all are my special soldier.  How dare you call them my enemies? He Tells king that there is no mistake in me.  You had said that kill all the enemies and when I went outside, I saw that they all are enemy of your life.

 The dragon tells the king that if you do not believe my point, then you disguise tonight and go among those soldiers.  You will know who is telling the truth? The king agrees to the dragon and changes his disguise and goes among the soldiers at night. 

When the king goes among the soldiers, he listens to the soldiers.  The soldiers are talking among themselves that the princess should not have returned.  We would have killed the king and we would have taken all the money.

On hearing such things of soldiers, the king gets very angry.  At the same time, he calls the dragon there and gives the death penalty to all those soldiers. After that, the dragon princess and the king live happily in their kingdom.  The king appoints the dragon as his commander.

Challenge:-  How many heads have a dragon? Track it in the comment box.

 Story Dragon and The Three Friends

Once upon a time, there were three friends whose names, Priya, Uma, and Bharti and all three had come to roam an island to celebrate their summer holidays. That island is very beautiful.  Those three have a lot of fun there. 

One day Priya wandered behind the island. And after that, both of her friends would also follow the same island. The first friend speaks, the place feels a bit different from the rest of the island.  There are no people here. Another friend says that this is the back part of the island so that is why no one is here

The first girl said that But someone must have come here, only then the boat is standing here. Second girl Whatever you do let’s go now. That’s when they hear someone cry. they start roaming everywhere chasing the housing but no one sees her.

The first friend speaks, there is no one here.  Then where is this sound coming from? The third girl says, I think.  This sound is coming from inside the boat.  Let’s take a look. They look everywhere in the boat, but they don’t see anything anywhere. 

story of an dragon

All three are afraid as they start to get off the boat to go back.  The boat starts moving on its own. They get a voice from the boat that for a long time I was waiting for someone to go to my destination. But I could not find any. Today, all three of you have come to me, now I will fulfill my purpose. 

How are you and where are you speaking from, the second girl said. Then the voice comes that I am the boat on which you sit. But the boat cannot speak and how are you speaking? Because I am alive, the three get scared as soon as they listen to them and look at each other. 

Then the boat says that I was a human being just like you.  I had come to visit this island a long time ago. At that time the population here was very less.  At that time, while walking, I reached the cave of an island. A huge box was kept inside the cave.

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As soon as I opened the box. As soon as I opened the box, I saw a lot of treasure inside it. Seeing so much treasure, I got tempted.  I thought why not take a little treasure out of it and I took a little treasure. Then there was a very strong light inside the cave and I turned into a boat.

Then there was a very strong light inside the cave and I turned into a boat. boat says that I am taking you to where the whole treasure is kept. boat says that I want you to help me make me human again. After a very long journey, they reach a small island. boat says to all three that you go inside a small cave of the islands.  From there you will know the path of treasure yourself.

Believing on the boat, they go inside the islands and after walking for a while, they see a cave. the cave is so small that only one man could go inside it.  That’s why only one of those three went inside the cave which was Uma.

As Uma enters the cave, she sees that there is a dragon.  The dragon is sleeping comfortably. She gets scared of seeing the dragon.  her entire body turns cold. She daringly tries to move a bit, but the dragon stands up after hearing the sound of her feet.

The dragon asks her why you have come here, then she tells the dragon that the boat has sent me here. On hearing this, the dragon looks towards the ceiling and starts to fire a lot of fire from its mouth. They draw fire from the mouth. The cave disappears.

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All the three friends are reunited as soon as the cave disappears and the dragon says that you go away from here otherwise it will not be good with the three of you. Then Priya tells the dragon, okay, we will leave from here, but before that, you answer one of our puzzles.  If you answer then we will leave here.

The dragon speaks to Priya, okay ask! Priya asks the dragon to tell someplace where the moon can see us very much.  The dragon takes them inside the cave and shows them the place.

By obeying the dragon, as soon as all three of them look up, they see a small Hole!, of which, if one looks with one eye, the moon looks very much big. Seeing this, the three start looking at each other.

All three talk and speak among themselves, the moon has been found, but where is the treasure? Then The dragon tells them that I have been searching for the treasure for a long time but I have not found it to date.

Priya speaks to the dragon, why don’t we all agree to find treasure, then dragon also starts finding treasure with them.  After walking for a while, the dragon’s footfalls on a stone. As soon as the foot is on the stone, the box appears, which makes the four very happy. 

They then take out some treasure from the box due to which boat turns into a girl and a dragon into a boy. Boy and girl thank all three. they return to the island with the treasures and distribute the treasures and return to their respective homes happily.

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