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Story of Elephant and Rabbit In English

This is the story of elephants and rabbits. elephants that come into the forest and break the house of rabbits and kill some rabbits.  The rabbits then think of tricks to drive the elephant out of their forest and finally, the elephants have to run away from the forest and the rabbits again lived happily in their house. so let’s start reading this story.


Story of elephant and rabbit


A herd of elephants lived near a pond in a very dense forest.  Tara had plenty of water so elephants never had to go far to drink water.  But after some time the water of the pond started drying up.

All the elephants gathered together and started talking among themselves. they said that we have no other choice.  We have to get away from this place now.  Without water, our children will die.  We need to find some other water spots. 

After thinking for a while, an old elephant said, I know a place where there is plenty of water.  That place is only a short distance from here.  We all go there.

The elephants started walking the next morning.  It will also take almost 5 days to reach that lake.  When they reached near the lake, they saw.  There was a lot of water in that lake.  they all became very happy and all are agreed to settle there.

There were many holes in the ground near the lake in which rabbits lived.  An elephant became very happy about seeing the water and without thinking, he jumped into the lake.

Story of elephant and rabbit

Seeing him, the other elephants also followed him into the lake.  Seeing this uproar, all the rabbits came out of their cave.

Because of which some rabbits died under the feet of elephants and some rabbits got injured. And Some rabbits ran away and saved themselves.
After a while, when the elephants left, the rabbits came back home and talked among themselves.

One rabbit said that due to lack of water, elephants will now be here and every day one of us will die.  Then another rabbit said what can we do to stay alive.  We must leave this place and only then we will be able to save our life. 

One of them said that no, we will not leave this place. This forest is our house and here we came earlier.  If we scare the elephants, they will not come back here.  I have a plan so that we can scare them. so that they will not dare to come here again.  If you all support me, then this work will be done very easily.

According to the plan, a rabbit sat on the path of the elephants. 
When a herd of elephants came, the rabbit shouted and said that the water you drink, the water that you playing with, is the water of lord moon.

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The elephants did not dare to anger any god. They asked what the message was for them?
The rabbit said that the moon has sent me and told you not to enter their water because yesterday because of you many rabbits were killed and many rabbits got injured.

the moon is very angry with you.  If you want to survive, never enter the lake again. If you enter the lake again, the moon will not leave you. The rabbit said that according to me you should never enter the lake again.

An elephant said, if your moon is here, bring it before us.  We will apologize to him and then go away from here and will never come back to this lake again.
The evening had come.  The shadow of the moon was seen clearly in the water.

The rabbit took the elephants near the water and said that the moon is very angry today, so you just apologize and go away from here.
The elephants saw the moon in the water and apologized and went away from there forever and never came back to that place again and the rabbits again lived happily in their house.

Moral of the story:-

You can also tilt even the biggest with the use of intelligence.


Whose shadow was seen in the water? crack it in the comment box.

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