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Story Of Foolish Elephant

Story of foolish elephant In this story, we read about a foolish elephant. Who gets trapped into the smooth talk of Jackal and start thinking that he is the king of the forest and the elephant got trapped in the swamp.  He tried hard to get out, he died. know it’s interesting to read that what did the jackals do to him? 


Story of Foolish Elephant and A Jackal 


There used to be an elephant named Jambo in the dense forest. His body was strong and muscular.  Whenever it looked at him, the jackals living in the forest would get water in their mouths.  They wanted to kill him and make him their food. But it was not very easy to control and kill a huge and strong animal.

In the jackal’s crew, there were the smartest and oldest jackals.  He gathered all the crew together and said that if you want to eat this elephant, then I have an idea. With which we can kill this elephant and eat it mass comfortably for many days.

They are all ready.  The old jackal told them a plan. According to the plan, some jackals went to the elephant and bowed to him and said, hello king how are you? 

Hearing himself the king, the jumbo got shocked and said, Who are you, why have you come to me and why are you calling me The king?

Story of Foolish Elephant

A jackal has come forward and said that we are jackals, live in this forest.  This forest is heard without a king. That is why we all thought that you should be declared the king of this forest.

Come with us, all the animals of the forest have gathered in one place.  He will declare you king in that place.

The elephant believed to get trapped in their words and starting followed them.  He felt that now he is the king of this forest.

But the elephant did not know that there was a deep marsh on the path he was walking. The elephant got trapped in the swamp.  He tried hard to get out but didn’t get out of the swamp. He called the jackals for help, by saying I am you king it’s your responsibility to save me.

Then the jackal said, “How can such a fool be our king? You are such a stupid. We will eat your mass comfortably for a few days.

Jumbo regrets its foolishness.  He was trying to get out of the swamp, but could not get out and he died.  After that, the jackals came and eat his mass for a few days and have fun.

Moral of The Story:-

Never get into anyone’s smooth talk.

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