The Boy and The Wolf

This is a famous story of the boy and the wolf. I’m going to tell a moral story “The boy who cried wolf”. In a village, there was the boy and his father. The boy was old enough to watch the sheep grace. Take all the sheep on the nearby hill said his father. So the boy got the sheep and went up the hill. It was quite boring watching the sheep grace. He wanted to do something exciting and fun. The boy was thinking about what to make the villagers nearby get started will come. He has come to a very good idea. He cried wolf-Wolf. The people who live nearby the hill came rushing up and said where’s the wolf, where’s the wolf. But there was nothing but only had rocks and some metal holes.

The boy who cried wolf
The boy who cried wolf – The Boy and The Wolf

They still realize that there was no wolf they muttered about him and went back down to the hill and start their farming work. He soon liked this job each morning. He would go out to the field where the mountain was and let the sheep graze and say wolf-wolf. All the farmers will come and then they would mutter at them. All out the second day, he took the sheep off the big hill and cry wolf-wolf. Once again all the villagers that lived nearby the hill came up and said where’s the wolf where’s the wolf but they only had big rocks and metal poles they realized there was no wolf. They angrily went down the hill to the farming.

Where the next day a real wolf came and attacked the sheep. The boy cried wolf-wolf the farmers didn’t come. Nobody came near them uphill because they thought they were getting fool by the boy again. On that day he lost many sheep because of his foolishness. He just had some sheep so what did. We learn in this story it is difficult to trust people who lie. So it’s important for you to tell the truth and that is the moral of the story.

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