The Fisherman and His Wife

The fisherman and his wife used to live near a forest. The fisherman loves his wife very much and he always wants to make her happy. He used to go along the river every day and catch some fish. This was his daily work and this is how his house used to run. He was very happy with his simple life. He lived his life very happily but his wife was not happy with his ordinary life. His wife wanted him to be very rich and that is why his wife always irritated with him. One day the fisherman goes fishing along the river. He waits for hours, but no fish is caught from him.  As soon as he thinks that I should return home. Then a very small fish gets caught in the net.

The Fisherman and His Wife
The Fisherman and His Wife

That fish was very beautiful and that fish was shining like gold. The fisherman starts thinking that it does not look like an ordinary fish. What kind of fish is this? Then the fish tells him. I am not a common fish but I am a prince. Leave me. The fisherman becomes a little shocked and he says to the fish, okay. I will not harm you. You can return to your home and he leaves the fish again in the water. The fisherman returns home empty-handed and returns home to tell his wife everything, but his wife, instead of being happy, becomes even angrier at him and says that he was a magical fish. We could have asked him to live in a bigger palace. But you let him go. Go back tomorrow and fetch that fish again.

The next morning, the fisherman walks along the river and shouts loudly, looking towards the river.  “Prince fish Prince fish”. The magical fish comes to the power of the river and says. What happened tells him. I saved your life. I want your help asked the fisherman. Can you give me a big palace? The fish magical fish says to him, okay When he went back to his home his small hut becomes a big palace for the fisherman and his wife. He goes out with his wife. He asks his wife. Are you happy now? But his wife says I want to be the queen here and there must be some servents for the queen I want some servents.

The fisherman then goes to the river and calls the magical fish. Can you bring me some servents, then the magical fish tells him. Okay. I will do it for you and as soon as he goes back to the palace he sees that a lot of servants are present there. The fisherman asks his wife that you are happy now but his wife refuses to be happy. She says that the magical fish can give me so much, so what if I become a magician myself and go and tell that fish to make my wife invisible.

The fisherman wants to make his wife happy So he went to the bank of the river. He knew that what he was about to do was very wrong. As he was leaving, there was a strong thunderstorm. It was raining and the waves of the sea were touching the sky. The fisherman makes a noise in the river, the magical fish and the magical fish, the magical fish comes to him and the fisherman tells him to make my wife a magician. The fish tells him, okay, go home and it’s done. He returns to his home, but he sees that his wife is not there. He finds his wife everywhere, but his wife is nowhere to be found.

The Fisherman turns to the fish again. He tells Fish that give me back my wife, The fish said, You only said that make my wife invisible. Now she is invisible to all. The magic fish says that I cannot reverse my boon. But I tell you that you can ask for something for yourself. The fisherman says to the fish, oke my wish is to Return my wife to me and return us our simple life as we were before. We will stay the same and be happy. Then the magic fish says, okay. You go home and it will be done. When he returns to his home, he sees that his wife is there and in the same small house as before, but now The fisherman and his wife are very happy and the fisherman never tells his wife about it again.

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