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The Lion and The Foolish Donkey

The Foolish Donkey A Short Moral Story:- Today we will read in this story how a jackal and a lion make a donkey foolish and then make a plan to kill him. We will get into how does the donkey gets into the greed of green grass? and how the jackal brings the donkey inside the cave? so, that the lion can kill him.


Moral Story – The Lion & The Foolish Donkey

In a very dense forest, different types of animals lived. A lion and a jackal lived among them.

The jackal was his servant. He used to do all the work of the lion. Both of them were very good pair and they were also famous in the entire forest.

The lion had no respect among the rest of the animals of the forest because whenever he fights with someone, he would lose badly and run away. That is why he lived separately from the rest of the animals of the forest.

He just needed a servant who would praise him round the clock and the jackal was like that. He lived with the lion because whenever the lion hunted, the lion gave half of it to him In return, the jackal used to praise him so much that the lion would be happy and wandered in the forest carelessly.

One day the jackal praised him so much that the lion decided to hunt a bull. He chased a bull and attacked it. The bull was much more powerful than him. He struck and injured him with one leg and then With the help of his head he picked up him and slammed it badly on the ground.

Somehow the lion ran away after saving his life from the bull. He got very injured. He was no longer being hunted. A few days passed but his condition was not healing.

Then he started to think that he might have to die hungry now.

Seeing the condition of the lion, the jackal was also beginning to feel that now he would not get food.

And the lion felt that if I did not give him food, the jackal would also leave me.

A few days later the condition of the lion was still not recovering. Then one day an idea came to the lion’s mind.

He called the jackal to him and told him “you go into the forest and get caught by some stupid animal in your words and somehow bring it to the inside of my cave”.

“I will be hiding behind the bushes inside the cave and as soon as an animal comes inside the cave, I will capture and kill it. Then both of us will eat it together”.

Hearing this, he went towards the forest. He wandered in the forest and started looking for some stupid animal to hunt. After walking for a while, he saw a donkey on the banks of a river.

The donkey was sitting quietly near the river and eating green grass. He Was so foolish.

Jackal went quietly to him and said very comfortably, what are you looking very weak. The donkey responded by listening to him. What should I tell, there is nothing in my life that I work near the washer-man. He makes me work all day long but gives nothing to eat.


The jackal started tempting him. He told him to go with me to the forest. There is a lot of green grass. You sit comfortably all day eating grass.

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After listening to him, the donkey said in a scared voice, “No brother, I will not come to the forest.” If I come into the forest, the wild animals will catch me and then eat me”.

The jackal said with a laugh, “Brother, now nobody hunts us in the forest. All animals have become vegetarian. So, No need to fear”.

Walk the forest with me and sit there and enjoy the lush green grass. On hearing him, the donkey’s mind started thinking of green grass. Finally, he convinced the donkey and took it with him.

After walking for some time in the forest, the lion cave arrived. The jackal took the donkey to the same cave. The lion was hidden behind the bush inside the cave. The jackal took the donkey inside the cave.

The donkey saw the lion’s tail as soon as he went inside the cave and he ran away from there. The lion said to the jackal in a very sweet voice, this time I was not ready. You bring that donkey again, this time I will definitely hunt him.

The jackal again came to the river where the donkey was sitting.

He said to the donkey in great anger, “you got my nose cut in front of the other animals. Why did you run away from there and come back?”.

The donkey spoke to the jackal with great ease, “I saw a long tail there and two gleaming eyes like lion’s eyes. The jackal laughed very cleverly and said, hey he was my friend. What you think of like a lion is actually a cat”.

The jackal spoke very cleverly, “Come on again, you are also such a coward. Stunned to see my friend’s eyes. Come on, I can see you. You will be very happy talking to him”.

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The donkey once again gets entangled in jackal talk and is ready to go with the jackal. On reaching the cave, the jackal said, “Go inside, I’ll come.” The donkey went alone inside the cave”.

The donkey felt a small cat inside the cave. There is no lion, so he went inside the cave alone. Upon entering the cave, the lion suddenly attacked the donkey with its sharp claws and killed it at the same time.

In this way, the donkey was fooled by the jackal and received his food. Then both of them together eat the donkey.


Moral of the story:- One should never get into anyone’s sweet talk.

Challenge:- How the jackal makes the donkey so foolish? Crack this in the comment box


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