The Fox and The Grapes

This is a famous The Fox and The Grapes story. Once upon a time. A fox lived somewhere in a forest. That fox was very clever and she used to eat something tasty every day. One day he was very hungry and was looking for something to eat in the forest. Soon he a reached place where many grapes were planted. There were a lot of grapes and there were many delicious grapes in that palace. The fox looked at the grapes and thought that they looked very tasty. Why not come and eat some of these? He started trying to pluck the grapes by jumping around a lot. A lot of time had passed but he was not able to reach them. The fox could not reach the grape. The fox tried a lot and in the last one, he rightly said there is no need for them. They must have sour grapes.

The fox and the grapes
The fox and the grapes – Image [email protected]

That’s when the rabbit is passing from there. That rabbit comes to the fox and says hello, why did you stop trying? Why did you tell yourself that the grapes are sour? Just because you have an excuse to go from here? You accepted your defeat. The rabbit pointed to the other side and said, hey fox look where there is a stone lying there. If you had a little mind, you could bring that stone to yourself and climb on that stone and break the grapes comfortably and enjoy their taste. The fox got angry. The fox said to the rabbit that how do you know that this grape is not sour but will only be sweet. You are a small rabbit, how did you reach the grapes?

The rabbit said I know. These grapes are very sweet because I eat them every day. The fox said that if it is true. Then show me your skill by breaking the grapes, then the rabbit said, it is fine. At first, the fox was surprised how a small rabbit would pluck the grapes, and then he started looking at the rabbit. The rabbit started looking here and there he picked up an arbor from the ground and made a rope with the arbor. He tied a small stone at the end of the rope and start moving it round and round and threw it towards the arbor of the grapes and looked at it.

The rope went to the bunch of grapes and the rabbit dragged the arbor of the grapes vigorously towards him and the rabbit pulled the rope which brought all the grapes down to the ground. The rabbit looks at the fox and picks up the grapes and laughs at the fox and leaves him by the way. The fox was remain standing there, So friends, we learned from this story that what we cannot find, we should not despise it, rather we should try to get it and always use our mind while trying.

The fox and The Grapes
The fox and the grapes – Infographic


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