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The Golden Elephant Story

This is a  golden elephant story for kids.  in which a farmer (Whom Name Was Sonu) becomes a friend of a golden elephant. The golden elephant gave him his teeth and Farmer sell his teeth and then Sonu has greed in his mind. it will be interesting to read how Sonu gets a lesson.


Farmer and The Golden Elephant Story

Once upon a time. A farmer named Sonu lived in a village somewhere. Sonu was very poor but he was also very hardworking. He used to work hard to feed his children and his wife at home.

One day when he went to his village in search of work, he saw a golden elephant in the forest. That golden elephant was trapped in a trap. Farmer with great difficulty freed him from that trap.

As soon as he came out of that trap. He said to Sonu, “you have helped me. I give you one of my gold teeth that you will get money by selling and you will be able to live your life happily and if you ever need me, feel free to tell me”.

Sonu sold that golden tooth, Which cost him a lot of money, and with that money, he paid off people’s debts. Sonu went to the elephant again the next day. Sonu said, “all my money is gone. Can you help me?” The golden elephant Again gave him one of his teeth and Sonu comes back home with that tooth”

He sold that tooth again and he got so much money. Sonu had stopped working now and started drinking alcohol. He went home one day. His wife told him “why you don’t do any work. If tomorrow that elephant went somewhere else, then he will not give you anything and we will all remain like this. At least you think about your family”.

Sonu says “you are absolutely right, if tomorrow elephant went somewhere else, what will happen to me, I do one thing. By killing that him, I take all the gold”.

Hearing this, Sonu’s wife told him that “you are doing wrong, you should not do this at all. That innocent animal has helped you and you are talking about killing him”.

Sonu’s children also tried to stop him but Sonu did not stop. The elephant comes there Standing outside Sonu’s house, he started screaming loudly. Sonu and his family came out after hearing his voice.

He asked Sonu “what happened, friend, nowadays you do not come to meet me. Don’t you want to meet me nowadays? Sonu looks at him and says no no it is not. I was coming to see you, Well you have come. I have some work with you”.

He says what happened, Sonu grabs both his teeth and starts pulling his teeth towards him. He tells Sonu that “your intentions are not right for me. What do you want to do, Sonu said, Every time I have to come and beg in front of you. I want to take your teeth so that I can sit and eat comfortably all my life?”

Hearing this, the elephant got very angry. He slammed both of them away in one stroke and lifted Sonu from his trunk.
Sonu’s wife and children started apologizing to the elephant. Sonu’s wife said, “don’t kill him. What will happen to me and my children if you kill him? Please leave him”. Hearing this, the elephant took pity and placed Sonu on the ground below.

He tells Sonu. I considered you my friend and you had planned to kill me. I will not befriend any human from today onwards and I will leave this forest.


Moral From Story:- So, friends what do you get to learn from this “golden elephant story”, “more greed is not right? We should be happy with what we get”.

Challenge:- Why Sonu plan to take an elephant’s teeth. Crack This on Comment Box.


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