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The Lion and The Woman | Funny Bedtime Story

Funny Bedtime Story- This is a story of a lion and a clever old woman. In this story, the lion is very proud of his power and on the other side, the old woman was not able to see anything with her glasses. So, Let’s See whose strength and whose weakness will dominate whom there. let’s start reading this story.

Funny Bedtime Story:- The Lion And A Clever Old Woman

There was a village far away and there was a forest near the village. A lion lived in the forest. He always used to be very Powerful and was not afraid of anyone. But He was afraid of the people of the village. One day he thought why not learn the language of humans. If he learns the language of humans, he will be able to escape very easily.

So, he starts worshiping God. When God comes in front of him.

God says to him “what you want to do?”

Then he tells the god “O God, give me such power so that I can understand the things of human beings so that I can hear and understand their voices comfortably”.

God says to him, “I give you exactly what you ask for”.

The day goes by The next day the lion wanders into the forest. Suddenly two great hunters arrive. He hides and starts listening to them.

The hunter says, “today we will lay a trap in the forest and place some grain on it so that when an animal comes into the trap, it will get caught and we will easily catch it and take it with us”.

The lion hears all these things. He gathers all the animals in the forest and tells them to dig a big pit! And put grass on it so that it is not known that a pit has been dug here. After Sometime hunters start coming there. All animals get scared.

He tells them there is no need to be afraid. Just hide in your place and watch the show. Both of them came and as soon as the hunters standing on the trap, they both fall into the pit and they get trapped.

He tells all animals that I have the power that I can understand and hear the talks of humans. Now we have no need to fear humans. No human can do anything to animals now.

Moral story:- Lion & The Foolish Donkey

There is pride inside the lion. Then he thinks that now humans cannot do anything to him and thinking just that, he moves towards human’s village. When moving forward he sees a hut.

There was an old woman in the hut. That old woman was rarely seen at night. She was screaming at her son. Raju, where has our donkey gone? Who has taken him, find him and bring him back?

It is night but the old woman’s son has not returned yet. The old woman also talks to herself. Do not know where Raju went and yet he did not even bring a donkey with him.

She says once the donkey comes in front of me and I will teach him a lesson, what do you think, I am afraid of him. Oh, I am not afraid of even a lion. The lion is shocked to hear that hey who is this person who is not afraid of me?


The lion roars from outside. The old woman feels that the donkey is back. The old woman walks out of the house with a stick. There the lion says, let the old lady come, I just tell her what is the real lion?

The old woman Pull the lion’s hair and starts teaching him a lesson and says you are a donkey and what do you think that you are a lion and the roars loudly, but the old woman is not afraid.

The lion gets scared he shouts loudly. o please Someone save me from this old lady. The old woman asked the lion where he had gone since morning. Now, go quietly with me to the landlord’s house and bring four sacks of soil.

Then he gets very scared and now quietly walks behind the old lady. She puts heavy sacks on his back at once. The condition of the lion got bad by picking up 4 sacks of soil. He prays to God again.

Moral Story:- Monkey and a crocodile

Oh God, save me from this old woman. Then I will never lift my eyes towards humans. The old lady says to the lion, “You stop here, I bring money from the landlord.”

Just like the lion was looking for this opportunity, as soon as the old lady is a little side. He runs very fast towards the forest.

Seeing the lion running in this direction, the elephant says to him, what happened to the king, why are you running so fast, then the king says to the elephant.

Hey elephant brother, humans are very dangerous. Leave it to humans, Even these old people are also very dangerous. He made me act like a donkey. I will never go to a human’s village again and I will just stay in my forest.

Moral of the Story:- So, We learn from this moral story that, We should be strong inside. As we think We become just as the lion began to think that he is a donkey and he had forgotten his powers.

Challenge:- What Power the lion got from the god? Creak it in the comment box.


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