The Parrots and The Bats

This is a famous story The parrots and The bats. Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had two parrots at home. The parrots spoke well and everyone liked it. In the same house there lived two bats. They too liked the parrots. One night when everyone was sleeping The bats heard someone singing sweetly. What a beautiful voice they talk to each other. Both bats went outside to see where is this voice coming from. The bats finally saw the parrots singing. they were very happy to see the parrot. You sing very sweetly and your voice is very sweet said the bats. Thank you said the parrots.

the parrots and the bats
the parrots and the bats – Image source

We will get the fruit as a present for you for your sweet song the bats told the parrots. Soon the bats left the place. The next morning they came with some fruit to the parrots. Thank you friend said the parrots. The next night the parrots started to sing again. Here comes a sweet melody from my sweet friend said the bats and they went and met the parrots. They asked about, We love your singing but why didn’t you sing in the morning. There is a big story behind that, The parrots said.

The parrot told One day we were in the field and singing happily attracted by our voice a hunter came and caught us. We had forgotten our surroundings while singing and had not seen the hunter. Now, look at our luck the hunter sold us to this farmer. Hearing this the bats started to laugh and said don’t misunderstand us. You are already in a cage even if you sing in the morning No one is going to catch you again. The hunter caught you because you were at the open place but here you are in a cage and no one can touch you. You’re right what if someone else takes us away from here ask the parrots.

No one will take you from here concluded the bats. Oh dear, we should have thought about that long back. we will start singing in the mornings too from tomorrow said the parrots happily. The bats gave another fruit to them for their sweet voice. Now the parrots sang anytime they wished for this continued for the rest of their days.

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