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The Princess and The Dragon Story

In this story of The Princess and The Dragon. One day a Dragon takes her with him. How a prince saves her life. And then A monster tells them his story. So let’s read What was the story of that monster?


The Princess and The Dragon Story

Once upon a time, there used to be a very large empire. The king of that empire was very wealthy. He was very powerful, intelligent, & brave. he had also a wife named Meera.

The queen is very innocent & kind, but the king and queen were always sad about one thing because there are no children who can carry forward their lineage.

They had been married for many years, but no children were being born. So they went to a monk with their trouble. They told the monk their problem, After heard them, Monk blessed them, with the blessing of the monk, they got a lovely daughter.

As time has passed, the princess has grown older, she was very naughty. she also fought with soldiers. She practiced war with soldiers. she also used to run all kinds of weapons well. Her mind was less in studies and more in mischief.

Time passed, the princess grew up. She was able to marry. The king and queen find a nice boy for her so that the princess can get married.

One day, King called one of his ministers & announced that his daughter would be a swayamvara. The king ordered to arrange all preparations for their daughter’s swayamvar (The marriage in which different kinds of prince come to win the competition and who win it he marries the princess).

Swayamvara’s day has arrived. Princes and kings came from far-off states and Joined the Swayamvara. The princess was also happy. The king tells all Princes that the princess would be married to him who passed three tests.

The first test is a test of intelligence. The second test is a test of power and the last test is a test of love. As the competition begins.

The Princess and The Dragon story

Then there are strong winds, suddenly a huge dragon reaches there. That dragon was very scary. Seeing him, all the princes and kings get scared and run away but among all the princes there is a prince named Arjuna.

He is not afraid. He stands fearlessly in front of Dragan to protects the princess. But that dragon attacks on him and makes him unconscious after that, the Dragon picks up her with him.

After saw all that incident, the king and queen get upset. They start wondering where the dragon must have gone with their daughter.

That’s when Prince Arjun comes to his senses, He tells the king and queen that you don’t take tension. I’ll bring your daughter back safe.

Arjuna arrives in a jungle looking for the princess. He sees a monk there. He asked that monk,  have you seen the princess? Then that monk tells him the way. Prince walks towards the path suggested by a monk.

Dragon takes the princess to a cave. On reaching the cave, the dragon starts crying loudly. Seeing him crying, the princess asks him why are you crying, do you have any problem?

She approaches the dragon to sees his injury. A sword is inserted in the dragon’s foot and there is blood coming out of it. She takes out the sword and prepares an ointment from her surrounding herbs and applies that on the dragon’s leg.

The pain of the dragon’s foot is cured by applying ointment. The dragon thanks to her and does no harm to her. The princess finds out that this is a very good dragon.

Then Arjuna arrives there. On seeing Arjun, the princess is stunned and asks Arjun “why you have come here. Arjun tells me that I have come here for your protection”.

Then she said to Arjun, “There is no need. This dragon is very good. It did nothing to me”.

The dragon starts crying after listening to the princess. The prince and princess silence him. When the prince and princess rub their hands over his head. He turns into a boy.

Both are stained upon seeing that boy. Then the boy tells them that he was a Merchant.

The boy tells them that I was very rich. I had a house, had a lot of money but I was very stingy. I was very greedy and did not help anyone.

Once a poor man came to me to ask for help but I did not help him. Then he cursed me and I turned into a monster. When I turned into a monster I went to a monk he tells me that when a prince and princess rub their hands over your head then you will turn into a human.

Boy thanks them. Then The prince and princess Marry each other.

Moral of the story:- Always help others and never be greedy.

Challenge:- what is the name of That prince? crack it in the comment box.

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